Sunday, September 16, 2012

Draconian Digression...

A little bit ago, I was the crazy-lucky winner of a digital portrait, by graphic artist Jess Smart Smiley.  (Still can't believe I won.  It was a giveaway on the always cool blog bugaboo, mini, mr and me.  A zillion thanks, Kimberly!)  Today I thought I'd show you the fun before and after.

I sent Jess this picture of my sweet nephew Eli...

 ...along with a few words about Eli's personality and the fact that he loves dragons.

Here is what Jess sent me.

Eeeee!  Can you believe he did all those dragons?  Each one with so much personality.  So excited when I saw it!  Using an online photo site, I turned it into a large mounted art piece (for the parents), and an adorable T shirt (for Eli).

The gifts were given last weekend, and holy WOW, a hit!  In case anyone is wondering, there were happy tears.   I think the portrait is the perfect thing to mark this moment in my little dragonboy's life.   I love that it's a digital file; you know I'm gonna make holiday gifts for some grandparents, too.

BTW, Jess has a book and a website and does custom portraits.  Just sayin'.

Next time: a return to my regularly scheduled craftiness.


  1. Now that is great news! Way to make so many people happy out of your winning!

  2. Congratulations on your win, this is so incredibly creative. I'm sure Eli was so thrilled to have his own personal T shirt. Love it!

  3. LOL!! This is so cute, as if his thoughts had turned into scaly reality. Jess did a fantastic job, gotta love her style!

  4. What an awesome illustration! You're such a good Auntie.

  5. How flipping cool is THAT. Wow. Dragons!!!! My niece Abigail is still less than 3...I can't wait until she starts drawing and I can have some fun with it!

  6. That ROCKS my socks! Dragonboy and his entourage must be so pleased with you, eh? It's a perfect gift, sweet aunt Michelle!