Monday, January 16, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: A Valentine Post.

So!  For the past few days, my readers have been playing Guess The Mystery Thing, trying to identify the mysterious secret ingredient in these upcycled earrings:

The challenge: guess the origin of those little pink hearts-on-a-stick.  They also come in white:

Think you know the answer?  Did anyone get it right?  Read on to find out!

Before the reveal, some ideas suggested by a few of my goofiest readers.  Here is Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Amy: Did you dissect a Cabbage Patch doll and take out its heart?
Saraccino: Tiny shield of the guard of the white or red queen!
Angie: They remind me of female parts with a cute piercing.
Shannon: Cruel tongue depressors used by mean doctors.
Betsy: Leftover fondant.

Love these!  Ha!  Thanks a lot, Betsy, now I'm craving birthday cake.  (But then, I'm always craving birthday cake.)

Okay, okay, time for the answer.  The hearts came from a cute little object I found at a yard sale.

Ready?  Here goes...

They're fence posts from a plastic toy corral.  See how I made a pun with the title of this post?  Oh, yeah, I gotta million of 'em...

I think it might be an accessory for My Little Pony.  Whatever it is, it stole my heart and I bought it.  Then I stole its hearts and made jewelry.

Winners?  Winners!  Well, nobody even came close to guessing this one.  Which means I win again, yay!  But the giveaway must go on, so has chosen two lucky duckies to receive some toy-pony-corral-fence-post-heart-jewelry.  (Hee.  Optimize that, Google.)   This week's fortunate waterfowl:  Marisa and  Olivia.  Congrats, you two, I'll be emailing!

See you next time - and thanks as always for coming over to play with me!


  1. How do you come up with these amazing ideas? I would never in a million years think of making jewellery from a toy fence! Love the result, especially with the little birds!

  2. Got us again Mich! Was the corral Pokey's prison while he watched you cut off Gumbys' heads?? I'm waiting for you to use Pokey's legs..can look like coral, no?

  3. How DARE you to break this cute object..its so lovely..butttt I am forgiving you just because you have done a lovely creation with this..& I hope you will make some more with this you are saved now! be happy..
    Love ~

  4. You are so creative you can upcycle anything!!!! How cool is that! LOVE IT. And your pup is adorable. We need picture of him/her just like we do Lola...

  5. I know I never guess ! So inventive !!!!

  6. Nothing is safe from you! That's really great! I just love (and envy!) your imagination! :)

  7. wow mich now that we know what it is i am surprised nobody guessed right ...????@@@!!!! lol lol lol x fab creation as always ans cute doggy too x tfs and playing ( with our heads ! )
    happy weird and wonderful jewelry making

  8. I'm sure there's a young girl out there wondering what became of her little pet corral. I think she'd be proud.

  9. The Beading Gem has posted this beautiful project on Facebook. Congrats Mich!

  10. Oh boy, you got me good that time. I had NOOOOOOO idea. Not even close, hee hee. What fun Michelle!