Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Instant Memory Game For Little Dudes...For A Dollar.

Hi!  A quick kid-related idea for you - the world's easiest memory game, guaranteed!  (One that will really keep your little guy interested and absorbed.)  This tip is kinda seasonal, so I bring it up now.  You know how there are so many fabulous valentines for boys nowadays...

In sets of sturdy little cards with multiples of each design.  In every imaginable subject, and lots of favorite branded characters.  Get a pack at the dollar store - in a theme that your kid absolutely loves - and blammo!  You have a ready-made, boy-friendly memory game!

Last year, my dragon-obssessed nephew played his for many a good long stretch.  (I'm talking 45 minutes to an hour at a time - wow!)

This year, I'm going to grab some Toy Story ones for his little brother, who is Buzz Lightyear-obssessed and just the right age for his first intro to the game.

Naturally, if you have girls to shop for, there are gazillions of great sets for little lady gamers.

Super Ultra Frugal Tip: if you wait until the day after Valentine's Day, they all go on sale.  Half price!  A fancy memory game for fitty cents?  Yesss!  Happy Valentine's Day indeed.

There you have time, back to jewelry and stuff!


  1. great idea!!!
    I will search something like this for my niece:-D

  2. oh BUGGER! (in my world, mainly existing in my head, this is an expression akin to "amazeballs") Mich, that's great. Like... REALLY great. It just hit me like a hailstorm (second time today, damn english weather) that I have not once played Memory with the kids. We have Poundshops that knock these thingies out like there is no tomorrow, and I know a certain little dude that loves anything that has either scales, screws or wheels. Preferably all in one. Best idea since sliced bread. And how ridiculously cute are your nephews? Buzz Lightyear has the biggest eyes I've ever seen. Proper headlights :)

  3. How your mind is not only working with jewelry upcycling can think other things too..hmmm..Thats so sweet..
    BTW,,the stripped shirt kido seems a little like your childhood pic..isn't it :)
    Lots of Love ~

  4. That's a great idea Michelle. I, personally, am in favour of developing the memory in any way I can (my little one has a ridiculously good one) because mine has always horrendous.

  5. What a cute idea and full of love too!