Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Me, Love My Jeans!

Oh boyohboyohboy, September is going to be fun!  That amazing Michele person, over at the wonderful blog Michele Made Me, will be featuring a solid month of upcycled blue jeans!  Here's the event button, which is one of the cutest things evah:

Do not neglect to follow along.  (I shall whisper in your ear that I might just be making a little guest appearance at some point...woot!)

In honor of Michele's cool event, I wanted to share an idea that tweaks one of my very early tutorials.  Does anyone remember my shabby chic Jean Seam Wrap Bracelet?

Well, if you follow the same tutorial, but add a flower to one end - wheeee!  It goes all Boho, and you end up with this:

I am way giddy about it.  I just love wearing this thing.

And if you stretch it out, you get a flower on a stem...

Eureka!  Home decor.

That's a twofer.  And really, who doesn't love a twofer?

Oke doke, thanks for visiting today, you guys.  Check back soon for some more upcycled DIY!


  1. Michelle I could hug you! Thanks so much for the awesome plug! It feels like having a sweet supportive sister (with the same name and everything..) out there in blogland crafting her own wonders with jeans!

    Adding the flower makes total sense. But extending the bracelet to make a stem? I never would have thought of that in a million years. SO good!

  2. I have that same cat for holding rings!! :)

  3. I love your tutorial and I had to reblog it!
    I hope you don't mind :)
    best nicoletta

  4. wao Michelle :)
    Its really a cute version...extra+ordinary= Extraordinary..hmmm
    & The super dooper Michele is always awesome,its really cool to be her follower.
    p.s Gina's model hand is again looking smart :)

  5. Me encanta el tutorial, con la flor es todavia mejor y la idea de las flores para la casa es fantastica, tengo que encontrar flores de crochet!!!!!

  6. That's very cool - I might convert it into a hair accessories for pony tail. Love it!

  7. So cool! I love upcycled denim! Ever since winning a book cover contest in grade 5 for a slip on book cover I made with a pair of my jeans and a Frog painted with Tri-Chem (weird fabric pens of the 70's) on the pocket, I've been in love with jean as a craft medium. Even made a rag rug out of jean when I was first married. Really looking forward to seeing the new ideas. Jean is such an iconic material. It is a great material to use again in a new way!

  8. Love this tutorial and the simplicity of it. Somehow I missed it the first time you posted it.

  9. Wow! Super cute with the additional flower....

  10. This project is probably one of my favorites that I've seen on your blog. Love anything denim and a crocheted rose?? So cute. :-)

  11. Oh my goodness how clever and cute! I love it!! Especially with that adorable pink flower. Nice job!

    I would love for you to come by and link this up to my new diy fashion linky party called DIY Diva Thursdays! We party until Monday...come on by!


  12. I missed this tute the first time around so I'm glad to catch it now. And this, as always, is too stinkin cool!

  13. Now I need to find some thrift store grapes!

  14. Vow..this ideas is really great and wonderful. Its amazing and i liked it very much.