Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed. Tiptoe Through The...

Last time, I posted a Mystery Thing Challenge, asking my readers to guess the identity of the little black tulip-shaped bits on these cute upcycled jewels:

Did you enter a guess?  Were you right?  Let's find out, shall we?

The Mystery Thing is...

Rubber grapes!

Bravo to everyone who played along!  If you want to be impressed, go here to read all the clever, funny entries.  A quick shout out to a few of them:

Mich's Honorable Mentions for Most Creative (Albeit Totally Wrong!) Guesses

Miss Kool Aid: Teddy bear eye sockets.  (Oh, noooo.  The horror, the horror!)
Alex: Ball and chain wedding favors.  (Hee, that is totally something I would do.)
Angela: Lego man hair.  (Erk.  Something about that phrase gives me the willies...)
Amy: Booties for Lego Darth Vader's baby.  (Wait - Lego Darth Vader has a baby?)

Winners Winners!  The prize for Smarty Pants of the week goes to Jessi, who was first to guess grapes!!!  Nice work, Jessi!  And the random win, chosen by random.org, goes to  MielJolie.  Congrats, you two - I'll be emailing ya.

Thanks again for playing, everybody!

Coming up soon: the absolute best rubber grape upcycled jewelry tutorial ever written!  She says modestly.  (I just googled it - there aren't any others.)


  1. I am supremely jealous of whoever snags the blue ring.

    Grapes! Plastic fruit is good for something! Who knew?

  2. totally thought i got it right that time... obviously i'm living in a dream world. congrats to the smartie-pants winner!!!

  3. hmmm clever lady!!!
    Very smart way to use these fruits as a jewel *(*
    by the way what about these model hands which are showing in last two pics?another mystery,,hooohooo

  4. I can't believe someone actually guessed right! Would have never thought grapes.

  5. Whodathunk! Jessi must have been busy recycling her own plastic grapes. What an imagination!

  6. This is Jessi !!! Whooo! I got it right! I thought of rubber grapes because when my sister and I were kids we used to sneak a few off my mom's table center piece and chew them like a piece of bubble gum... Yeah, we were strange.... but when they finally broke after chewing on it all day it kinda looked like the piece on the rings but with more teeth marks. Then we would wear them on the tips of our fingers like puppets for a while.

    Not sure why.

    I love this blog! It is so inspiring! I look at things now and wonder what I use them for.

  7. creo que tu imaginacion no tiene limites, la mia esta un poco bloqueada al momento:-)

  8. Oh that's good - but I'm even more impressed that Jessi guessed - albeit if a little weird why she did!!! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. I saw the answer and went W T H !!!
    This one was really really tough!! but its a really cool idea...great necklaces, bracelets can be made with them..thanks Mich for opening up a whole gamut of possibilities :)

  10. d'oh!! I kinda figured it was a black rubber globe- shape thingy turned inside out, but come on.. GRAPES??? *slaps forehead multiple times* Your brain, my dearest Mich, must be a wondrous machine :)

  11. Oh Mitch... you are definitely "too much"! xoxo pc

  12. hiya mitch , you are hilarious x and even if you hadnt googled it we kno it wuld still be the best grape tut eer ...lol