Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stars in my eyes! (Ow. Those things are pointy.)

How do you like this starry little ring?

I bet you know the secret ingredient, don't you?  If you are a child or child-adjacent, you probably have some of these somewhere in your house:

Let's get crafty with them!  Here comes my SUPER SIMPLE GLOW STAR RING TUTORIAL.

1. Make a hole in each star.  This plastic is not too tough - you can pierce it with just about anything sharp.  A thumbtack.  An awl. Your wit.

2. Tie a knot in the center of a piece of elastic beading cord, then pull both ends through the stars.

3. String some little beads, until it's the right size for the desired finger.  Tie a knot and trim the ends.  If you like, you can dot the knot with glue.


Yay!  It's a cute ring!

Look, ma, it really glows!

Wouldn't these be fun as party favors?  Or for an afterparty, post Prom?  But hang on - these can be fun for a grownup lady, too.  Here's an example of a necklace you might wear even when not attending a rave...

So.  Tiptoe into the bedroom of the nearest minor.  Denude the ceiling.  And start crafting with the stars!


  1. I like the necklace version...I am strange but I've never quite understood the point of statement rings...

    Although prom with a glow-in-the-dark statement ring might be fun.

  2. hee hee excellent title (and bracketed comment). they would be pointy especially immediately on the eye-ball. very cool layered starry look, almost floral, like a moonflower!

  3. So I wonder if you could heat gun those stars to make them melt a bit to cup them like flowers?!? Since I have neither heat gun nor pointy glow in the dark stars run with the thought if you would like....

  4. Great idea, I keep finding these stars in my daughter's room because they either fall off or she and her friends peel them off everything. Now I have a use for them instead of throwing them in a cup that they're collecting in.

  5. great idea..and the possibilities are endless..clips, earrings, bracelets..and the occasions could range from candle night dinners I know a little too much) to Halloween

  6. OOOH this is a good one...and I happened to have these stars on hand.. Hmm ... what about putting those stars on a hairband or kids spectacles ... must do tonight..sure the kids going to have fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. woww nice idea as always, I love the necklace, I would use it everyday:-)

  8. NICE one! Btw, the necklace is gorgeous, but I might just have to make some star- related kids stuff. Wait on... headband, wire, stars- instant alien! I bet they'd love that! :D And a bracelet instead of a ring, because if I know the punks properly, they'll just trash a ring within 3 seconds. But the idea is now firmly lodged in the back of my silly old head.

  9. What a cool idea, goona take a few off the ceiling and try to make a ring too:) thanks for the inspiration:)

  10. That looks fun! I wonder if I could man it up a bit for my son who LOVES to play with glow-in-the-dark stars!

  11. Oh glow in the dark rings - I love it! Perfect for party favours - I'm going to save this one up for halloween!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  12. brilliant as usual! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  13. Dang! Wish I hadn't thrown out the stars when my kids outgrew them! Best glow in the dark ring I've seen!

  14. I know, I know!

    It's a thing-a-magig for a whatcha-macallit.
    I even pulled hubby in to guess.
    Joan OR

  15. This is a super fun craft idea! I'm so excited, I'm going to buy some and have my kiddos make them for the Fourth of July! Yay!!!!