Friday, May 13, 2011

Pupsicle of the Month: Two Sweet Boys Named Rascal and Shy Boy.

Hi, all!  Once a month I take a mini-break from jewelry to highlight a wonderful rescue pup who wants to come home with YOU  and take you for walkies.  This time, it's brothers!

Meet Rascal and Shy Boy

They are darling baby lab/pit bull mixes, and have been loved and adored at our shelter ever since Shorty Rossi of the TV show Pit Boss rescued them - sick, starving and covered in motor oil - from an abusive owner.


Okay, okay, they don't look like babies.  They are about 7 months old - the perfect age to begin obedience classes.  They are the best puppies!  Happy, social and in love with everyone in the whole wide world.  If you can give one (or both) of these little dudes a permanent or foster home, or know someone who might, please contact me

Thanks for reading and sharing this, it means a lot to me!

Love, Mich


  1. Okay, since this blog is certainly read by minors, I will refrain from needlessly posting my opinion on their abuser- I am sure everybody reading this will feel the same. Deep breath.
    Now, let me say that if I had even the slimmest chance of adopting these lovely lads, I would go for it. Like, if I wasn't in England and had four cats.
    I always loved dogs that, these days, seem to get a helluva lot of bad press for being "fighting dogs" or whatever else they have been dubbed. In my experience, they are the most kind, loving and caring friends anyone could ever wish for! Just look at those faces... my mad cat lady heart is melting. Mich, you don't happen to adopt them out to England?

  2. best of luck finding homes for these brothers! their names are so good.

  3. How smart buddies..well lots of well wishes for both..they are cute as well ^_^

  4. Oh what sweet faces, soft eyes, ears back in puppy fashion - these two really want to please.

    May they find fantastic homes.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for visiting! Love these pups!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. Anyone worried about owning a pittbull, please note, my baby girl, Arwen, is a pit, and she's the funniest, sweetest, and most adorable little critter ever. She's 8 and has been nothing but a love.

  7. Thanks for featuring them and helping someone see their potential! They are adorable!!! I am currently down to one dog and am making myself wait 6 months before adopting another dog (somehow would not be surprised if my sons dog comes back, if she does her name is being changed from Avery to Boomerang!) But I can so see myself with a pit bull, they are so smart, sweet and loving... can you tell my neighbor had one of these ferocious beasts? hah! she may cause you to drown you with drool or cause a slip and fall but that's it!