Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zip-ties part II: daggers and commas and beads, oh, my!

More zip-tie jewels, anyone?  Last time, we turned some cute leafy shapes into earrings...

Click here to visit the zip-tie leaf tutorial.  By the way, I forgot to mention where I found my huge bag of zip-ties:

At the dollar store, in the automotive and tools aisle.  Admit it - you thought that section was just for guys, didn't you?  Show of hands - how many of you usually skip that aisle?  Do not!  It is a treasure trove ripe for the plundering.

Today, some more zippy fun.  Let us start with some dangerous little daggers.  (Dangerous because I couldn't stop making them.)

To form a dagger, just insert the end into the lock and pull.  At first it will look like a leaf - then take it nearly as far as it will go, to form a small loop.  Like this:

I prefer to snip off the skinny part at the end, which tends to be a bit floppy.  Don't they look like the world's smallest sword?  Hey!

Compliment me outfit, scurvy dogs!  If not, ye'll be walking the plank - or me name ain't Pirate Barrrrbie.

But I digress.

If you twirl your zip-tie dagger around a pen and hold for a few seconds... will take on a nice arc and look more like a comma.

Daggers and commas are wonderfully versatile and I am still coming up with ways to use them.  For instance:

Are those not the cutest?!  Just add a bead with the right sized hole (you want a good, tight fit), secured with a drop of glue.

Best to use one like E-6000, one of the Gorilla glues, or something similar that likes plastic.  Do you love them?!

Here's one more look, super nifty.  Have you ever seen these little findings?  Like minuscule clams.

They're called "crimp covers." (Find 'em at bead shops, craft stores or online jewelry supply sites.)   Pinch one closed at the end of your zip-tie...

Such a classy cool result. 

Okay, my peeps, that's it for today.  More zippy tutorials to come - hope to see you soon!

(A very cool postscript: today I am featured as 'best recycled jewelry' on Fine Craft Guild's top ten tutorials.  Neato!) 


  1. so cool M! the baribe girl thats cool barbie can throw ken off the ship now!

  2. LOVE. I am now going to go raid my roommates stash of zip-ties. Forget homework. I'm in college to make jewelry!

  3. Aargh! Baaarbie that be a fine sword me hearty!

    And the jewelry's pretty cool too.. I like the comma earrings the best :)

  4. Are you sure those are commas and not apostrophes? But I digress. You are so creative Michelle. I especially love the upside-down lolly-pops. Those are my favourite. They're all just gorgeous however, gorgeous!

  5. come hop on over to our blog if you would ever like to be featured or just need new recipes

  6. Arrr! Another strike of my favourite genius!

  7. Well awesome on the feature! VERY cool! So this is where you've been for the last week, eh? I'm loving them!

    One day, you have to share where you freakin' PUT all of this!

  8. You are very creative in using zip ties in your jewelry design. Keep it up!
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  9. You really are seriously awesome - I love the dagger - so very, very fun.