Thursday, September 30, 2010

Earrings in the air.

Hi, you guys!  I shall briefly interrupt my series on zip-tie jewelry to bring you a teeny idea, consisting of three pictures and six words.

Metal hanging basket into earring holder.

Okay, that was it!  As you were.


  1. Love it! And it serves a dual purpose as a piece of cool art!

  2. Oh yes, the rarely-seen but always appreciated jewelry chandelier mobile, or as we call them up here in Canada, the chandyjewbile.... okay, I admit I just made that up... but your chandyjewbile is just awesome nonetheless!

  3. That's fun! I like those zip tie jewelry!


  4. ...because as cool as this storage is, I know this isn't the whole collection now, is it?

    This isn't even everything you made last week.

  5. Hi there, cute idea with all your sparkly and colorful jewelry creations...very clever;-)

  6. That's totally awesome. If I had as many cute and colorful earrings as you did, I would totally do this. Alas, I do not. I'll just have to file this away for someday, then. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fabulous - maybe I will do this - I have limited wall space for those framed ones that everyone makes (I could surrender one of the multitudinous pieces of artwork on the wall but I don't want to).


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