Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here's my third project from the Magical Random-Envelope-of-Junk. (For first-time readers, please see previous posts; I'm not really crazy.)

Behold necklaces...

...made from zippers!

There are lots of zipper creations out there on the internet - I love the many zipper roses and brooches I have seen. But I have been a little intimidated to try one; I've never been able to roll a ribbon-style flower in that crafty way those clever sewing people have. So I came up with this idea, 'cause I am all about the simple.

All I had to do here was use two of these little guys:

They're called ribbon ends, and you can find them at craft stores, any bead shop and probably some fabric shops. I just folded down the excess fabric at the top of the zipper, and pressed the ribbon ends closed with pliers. I attached short lengths from a deconstructed thrift-store chain, and a clasp. Add a pendant, and your zipper necklace is done.

(Simplify: if you don't have pliers, the ribbon ends are easy enough to close by hand, just squish between your fingers. Even simpler simplify: you don't need to use ribbon ends at all! There's ABSOLUTELY NO REASON you couldn't just sew the chain-segment on with needle and thread.)

The funnest part: picking out a pendant to hang from the zipper. You will want something nice and big to balance out the wideness of the zipper at the bottom.

I chose two rose pendants from my handmade stash. I made them using these upcycled oddments:

I bought the black poker chips at the dollar store. I found this old, slightly weird-looking stamped-metal earring at a yard sale. I pressed polymer clay into the rose part, baked and painted it. Glue rose to poker chip, drill a hole...voila pendant.

I also tried some shell flowers, for a different look in which the zip is partially hidden:

I was surprised by how wearable these turned out to be. They have the additional, amusing feature of being zippable! You can actually shorten the necklace a little bit by zipping it up until the bottom of the pendant just hides the bottom ends of the zipper.

Hooray! Another fun Dollar Store Crafts-inspired project. Three down, seven to go.


  1. Those are spectacular! See, the universe wanted you to blog about your amazing creations! I'll link up to these on Friday (I think) - they get their own post!

  2. These are ridiculously awesome! Definitely (and finally!) a zipper jewellery project that I feel I can tackle.. bookmarked!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of your envelope.

  3. Pure genius! I know a certain teenager that is going to be the "wow factor" next week because I'm so going to do this for her! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow - Heather, you are the best, thank you! Brilliant, creative AND encouraging to Newbies...we all appreciate you much.

  5. wow! how creative! bookmarked and on my to-craft list :)

  6. Wow, this is so cool! Heather from emailed me about these and she was totally right- I love them! I would love to link to this project if you didn't mind.

  7. This is a great way to tackle the elusive zipper craft! I too could never figure how to make those pretty things I saw, I can totally make this!!

  8. Beautiful roses (the clay ones) and I really do love the piece with the white rose and pink charm..:)

  9. awesome idea!!thanks for sharing