Monday, November 14, 2016

Mix And Match Chevrons - Easy Earring Tutorial

Today I thought I'd do a basic earring tutorial featuring a type of bead I adore: the chevron.

They are always exciting to me...even more so when randomly assorted.  Who needs matching beads, anyway?  I made some happily mixed-up earrings to prove my point.

Don't they look good enough to eat?

The original inspiration for the earrings came from this necklace - I made it years ago and have always loved the dynamics of all the different colors and sizes.

THE DIY - how to make my mixed up chevron earrings.

In addition to a handful of chevron beads, you will need:

Step 1: put a bead on each headpin.  Snip the headpins short and turn loops to create dangles.

Step 2: use the eye pins to make two longer dangles, with alternating beads and bead caps.

Step 3: add the short dangles to the long ones.

Step 4: add an earring finding to each of the top loops.


Although sometimes chevron beads can be spendy, you only need a few for the earrings.  The real fun is in choosing your combination...balancing colors, balancing designs...ooh, it's pure creativity.

That's it, dearies.  I hope some of you get the urge to mix things up!


  1. The earrings are quite lovely : ) Just this morning I was thinking of making a cascading necklace of mixed beads and was wondering about the length. Your necklace has given me a good idea

  2. I'm all for mixing things up! Who says everything needs to be matchy-matchy? Love your colorful creations.

  3. Awesome as always and a great way to use leftover beads too. Featuring when my party opens. Happy Thanksgiving!