Saturday, August 6, 2016

Make An Easy, Hand-Painted Baby Onesie

Hi, guys!  A little post with a little baby onesie.  I thought I'd show it off because I have a bit of a mental block.  See, I am convinced I am utterly terrible at free-hand painting!  But whenever I let go of that and just allow myself to daub, I often end up very happy - not only with the result, but proud of having made the effort.

If you might feel the same way about tackling a decorative painting project (or any project, really), maybe this will inspire you to go for it.

Here's my onesie:

Turned out pretty cute, eh?  Aww, here it is on my nephew!

The DIY:

1. Get a blank onesie.  At the dollar store, maybe?
2. Use a small brush and fabric paints to swoop colors of the sea all over the front.  Use a light touch and a fairly dry brush, for thin paint layers without heavy brushstrokes visible.  Let the ocean dry for 5 minutes.
3. Dab on some badly-drawn but really bright fishies.  Wait one minute, then add a second layer of paint so they really stand out.  Let the fish dry completely.
4. Add a tiny eye to each fish with a black Sharpie.
5.  To set the paint: tumble the onesie in a hot dryer for half an hour.

Done!  Woot!

So here's an awesome money saving tip.  Did you know you don't need to buy fabric paints in a whole lot of colors?  That would empty your budget pretty quickly.

Instead, convert your ordinary craft paints into fabric paint.  Just invest in one small bottle of fabric paint medium.

(There are lots of brands out there, that's just an example.)  A dollop of fabric medium, mixed into your own paint, and poof!  Turns it into fabric paint.

Interesting side note: my mom and I painted onesies together, at the same kitchen table, using the exact same materials.  The two turned out different as chalk and cheese.  Here's mom's version.

I love hers, too!  Isn't it amazing to how different brains work?

Okie doke!  Thanks for checking in on my creative space - it is important to me to have one.  Much love, see you around...



  1. Awesome painting, Michelle!!! I think your fish are just perfect and I love how you've created the sea.

  2. Eli is such a cutie in his new fishy onesie! They're both so darn cute and so special because they were made with love.

  3. That is a super tip! Thanks. I've always hesitated on buying fabric paints - one needs more than just 1 color. Now I don't need to.

  4. super cute onesie! I like the way you design. Very nice. Your nephew is adorable dear. I have used acrylic craft paints on fabric once & they went well. Thanks for sharing with us dear :)