Monday, December 28, 2015

Spark Plug Gap Tool Necklace - Gift For An Auto Mechanic

Hey, I bet you know someone who loves to tinker with car engines.  What if you could make that wonderful person a gift that doubles as an auto mechanic's tool?

Such as this keychain.

That interesting-looking base is a mechanic's tool called a spark plug gap gauge.  I am told that it gauges spark plug gaps.  (Me, I have my doubts.  I think it's some kind of secret decoder disc.  Definitely espionage-related.  Shh.  Don't spread it around.)

Anyway, isn't it cool looking?  I would wear one myself...take a peek at this pretty, steampunk-esque necklace version:

But it's not about me!  It's about that mechanically inclined individual who is super hard to buy for.  You can make that person this awesome gift in 5 minutes or less - NO TOOLS NEEDED!  Just your two little hands.

Here's the simple DIY.

Add the spark plug tool onto a really big jump ring.  Then add a charm or two or three, like so:

Swivel the jump ring closed.  With a jump ring this large, you can just use your fingers (if you like, get an assist from a pair of jewelry pliers).

Now simply add it to a necklace or carabiner, and you have made your five minute spark plug gap gauge jewel!

Tip #1: Get these at any auto supply store - they are usually on the counter and cost a couple of bucks.

Tip #2: There's a reason for the extra-big jump ring, so don't try to go smaller.  It allows all the charms to swing free of the measuring tool when it's being used for...whatever it does.

Tip #3: For a key chain, avoid charms made of fragile materials, because it will likely live in a pocket with a mess of coins, keys, nuts and bolts.

For a manly necklace, string your focal on paracord, ball chain or suede.  Or try a strung necklace, as in this one made of leather and antiqued bone beads:

Okay, that's the big idea - have fun and please let me know if you figure out how the decoder function works.


  1. Leave it up to you to find something so jewelry worthy on the auto parts store counter. You must go back and set up a key ring/necklace display showcasing your creations.

  2. This is a goldy! A spark plug necklace! where were you when all the mechanic movies got made and they wanted something special for the rugged yet good hearted hero?? LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Hana! I agree, sometimes tools are little tiny pieces of art just by themselves.

  4. Super cool. Now I have to start visiting the auto parts store.

  5. Oh wow that is so cool. I love this and I will have to make my own version! Thank you for sharing Mich L!

  6. This is so cute dear Mich, You did great job!

  7. Really cool! So creative. Have a great weekend :)