Saturday, October 3, 2015

Upcycled Chandelier Ruffles From Starbucks Cups

Hi!  I do you like the effect of these ruffles on my vintage thrift shop chandelier?

The 'Before' looked a little naked:

So, instead of buying mini-shades, I tried a very Mich upcycle:

Am I nuts - or is this actually really pretty?  Doesn't it sort of go with that flared crystal centerpiece?  I feel as if it enhances the vintage-ness of the chandy.

As you have guessed, 'tis another project in my ongoing quest to recycle the Sbux cups that accumulate in my life.  This time, all I used was lids.

The DIY is very, very easy.   Here goes.

Trim away a lid's outer edge and center, then flip inside out:

Nest four of them together.

Slip the nest down over the socket base.

Important reminder: the plastic is flammable, so make sure it does not touch anything hot!  I don't recommend using incandescent bulbs.  I used florescent candle bulbs, which have a cool-to-the-touch ceramic base.

Do this with all the sockets, and you are done!  In my five-arm chandy, that's twenty cup lids transformed instead of tossed.

Cup lid ruffles - why not?   They made me happy this week. 

Thanks as always for coming to visit!  I really appreciate you guys.  I hope you take some creative time for yourself soon.


  1. You have outdone yourself this time Mich. Superb! By the power vested in me by my keyboard and internet connection, I hereby Crown you the "Queen of Upcycle" LOL

  2. This is a simple but cute idea! I really enjoyed it. You can also spray paint the plastic matching with chandelier metal color. Very well Mich :)

  3. They'd make me happy too except for when I had to dust them. Clever girl!

  4. Love it Mich!!! Makes the chandelier look swankier! :)