Thursday, August 13, 2015

Victorian Mod

Hiya!  Have a look at this necklace...doesn't it have a bit of a Victorian feel to it?  But with a mod kind of twist, thanks to the distinctly non-Victorian fused glass cabochon focal.

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing where this concept came from.  I took a class on fused glass cabochon making, and here's some of what I created.

So yummy.  There's just something about glass.

A few of the cabs ended up super simple - just little square puddles of crystal-clear glass, with a bubble or two of color trapped inside.  (In the pic above, they are near the upper left corner.)

I wasn't sure how to use them; gluing on a bail would be weird, you would see the shape through the glass.  Then I got the idea to glue a large filigree finding across the entire back of the cabochon.

I used the corner holes of the filigree to add chains in a draped design, like so:

I just love how the filigree shows through and becomes an integral part of the necklaces.

Although you probably don't have a clear glass cabochon handy, I was thinking you could make this using the larger-size glass pebbles found at crafts stores or dollar stores.  I used E-6000 adhesive.

That's the story behind the jewel.  Hope you enjoyed it!   See you later, gators.

Pssst!  I have an article in Stampington's GreenCraft Magazine this month!  I'm excited, it's my first published jewelry project.  If you are into repurposed, recycled, eco-friendly crafts, I bet you'd love it.  It's the Autumn 2015 issue, and it's packed with wonderful stuff.


  1. They are great, I want to play with glass too! The magnifying glass effect combined with the metal creates a really cool effect.

    And congrats! :)

    1. ....wanted to buy it but 26 dollar for shipping alone is a little bit too much and they don't seem to have an online version *sniff*

  2. Your glass tiles look really quirky and very interesting. Congratulations on the publication and I hope to more of your work in print!!

  3. Gorgeous. And congrats on having a project published!

  4. These are so pretty and look like they'd be so much fun to create. Love the addition of the filigree. Congratulations on having your creations published in Green Craft. Very exciting!!!

  5. Love this project! So pretty. Congratulations on being published at Green Craft!

  6. These are so unique and beautiful!!
    Congratulations :)

  7. Overachiever! Not only gorgeous end result but of course you made the glass pieces. Featuring when my party opens up tonight and picked a recipe you can adapt!!

  8. I too love the look of the filigree peeking through the clear glass! A modern take on the vintage look! Congrats on your first publication!

  9. Love these necklaces Mich! - the metal showing through the glass looks stunning. A fused glass cabochon making class eh? sounds like fun!! And CONGRATULATIONS on your published project!! How exciting!! :)

  10. That's amazing, Mich - both the cabouchons and being featured in the magazine!

  11. So pretty! cabochons are always cool. And a big congrats at getting published/featured in the magazine..
    Great :)