Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tiny Copper Mold Necklaces

Oh, look, you guys!  I found the prettiest, teensiest, vintage copper molds!

They were absolutely meant to be pendants, don't you agree?  And the DIY is as simple as pie.  (Not the kind you make from scratch.  The kind you snatch outta the freezer, pop in the oven and eat standing around the kitchen counter, with one fork per person and no plates or even napkins.  That kind of simple pie.)

Just use pliers to lift the little tab holding the ring.  Be gentle so as not to dent the copper.

Remove the ring.  In its place, insert a cord, or a chain, or even (as shown here) a skinny strung necklace strand.  Then  gently squish the tab back into place.

Bing, you're done!  I love my cute copper pendant on its long, long strand of copper-colored crystals.

Instead of adding a clasp, I finished the strand by tying a knot; the two tails are meant to dangle down the back of the wearer's neck.  This design looks so pretty on a plain, no-collar neckline, like a basic black tee.  My friend Judy suggested wearing it with a backless dress - I can totally see that, too. 

Here's a different version - this time, keeping the original ring that came with the mold.  Some coppery-pink pearls and little spears of picture jasper compliment the pendant's tone.

Sure hope you enjoyed this quickie repurpose!  I think one of these would make a cool gift for someone who loves to cook.  Now I am on the hunt for some more tiny molds.  Where are you, cuties?  Come to me, please!


  1. This is just too cute. I love it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ah, but in reality, there is no such thing as TOO cute, right,Shannon? Thanks, my friend!

  2. This is too pretty! simply different and unique. very smart Mich :)

  3. Love that you found something so unusual and of course...made jewelry of it! Nobody does it any better!

  4. Those are the sweetest little molds and they make even sweeter necklaces. Bravo!

  5. Such lovely necklaces Michelle! What a great way to repurpose molds!

  6. Cute as can be! Always! Thanks for sharing with us at VIP Best of 2015.

  7. How cute these are! I have never seen such mini molds and you are so clever to see a necklace in them. Visiting you from Vintage Inspiration.