Friday, December 5, 2014

My Future Repurposed Entryway: In Search Of Ideas!

Hi, guys!  I haven't said much about this, but I am working on a very cool house renovation project IRL.  (IRL = In Real Life.  You're welcome, mom!)

It's an old adobe house in the desert Southwest (just outside Tucson).  You might call it a mini-mini-ranch.  A mini slice of cactus-studded ranch land, where the original owner raised miniature horses.

We have finally gotten all the beautiful adobe walls painted a nice creamy white, so at last it's time to decorate!  Here's the inside of the foyer, showing the decor so far:

Yep, one rug and a hat rack.  About that hat rack...want a closer look?

It's made from a fireplace-tool caddy I found on the curb, and a tree branch from the yard.  Total cost: $0.00

I want everything in my entry to be repurposed, upcycled, rustic and funky.  I assembled a clipboard of ideas from Hometalk, which is sort of like Pinterest but more project-oriented, and exclusively for house and home.  (It's also a fun forum where you can pose technical or design questions, and get lots of friendly advice.)

Just click on the graphic to check out some great upcycles that caught my eye.  Let me know your thoughts, 'cause I am open to ideas!  If you were me, how would you furnish the entry?


  1. It would be repurposed treasures all the way! Oh my my, what an awesome project you've taken on. Those doors are fabulous! Will you be moving there or will it be a hideaway?

  2. Wao, that's a pretty, And the hat stand is simple but cute!
    I hope you enjoyed decorating this space :)

  3. Love the idea that you are going with repurposed, recycled and especially funky!! Tons of great ideas on your board and can't wait to see which ones (or all of them?) that you do! Your house looks marvelous!

  4. oh you could make a clothespin chandelier for the foyer and add cushions to some tree stumps for seating and use apple crates to make a display case and make a decoupaged art - tear off ads, magazines pics with a ranch theme and make a collage - Oh some many ideas just rushing through my head now !! :D

  5. every entry needs "landing strip and paunch pad" i.e. place to keep keys, stash purse and hang coats. I'd add some sort of mirror and seating (for taking off muddy boots) as well. I really like the dollar store hanger idea and the old drawer into shelf pins.

  6. Oh WOW WOW WOW! What an amazing little house - lucky you! Love the hat stand - can't wait to see what else you come up with! :)

  7. The mini mini ranch looks absolutely fabulous! I can't wait to see more pictures and see what else you make for it.