Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Invisible Dragonflies

Welcome to the reveal of this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge!  My readers have been trying to identify the mysterious secret ingredient in these upcycled dragonflies:

Do you recognize the translucent insect body?  What is that bumply thing?

I'll tell ya in a just sec.  First, here is Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Betsy: They have to be spines.  What have you dissected this time?  (Mich replies: Betsy, Betsy, Betsy.  You know if I told ya, I'd have to kill ya.)

Amy: In Smurf Village, space is precious. These are Smurf hangers that Tailor Smurf invented. The hook goes over the clothing rod and the Smurfs can slip a hanger of mini clothing into each slot. What a Space Saver in their closets!  (Mich replies: OMG, this is brilliant, Amy!  That's exactly what they look like!)


Ready to see the answer?


Sure you don't want to chat a bit more?

Because I don't mind just hanging out, shooting the breeze...

What's that?  You want the reveal?

Okay, okay.

Here it is...

A very interesting style of fastener, found at the hardware store.  Instead of a zip tie, it has little bumples that lock into a special hole, sort of like pop beads.

They sure make cute dragonflies.  Especially when utilizing the built-in bend as a curly dragonfly tail.

The Winner?  Nobody!!!  I gotcha this time.  Although two guesses were in the ballpark: both Frog and Mascottblog suggested those plastic strips that you have to cut apart on new purchases.  These are similar, but bigger and reusable.

Well, that was fun, eh?  Thanks for playing, everybody!

For the EASY TUTORIAL to make these cuties yourself, CLICK HERE.


  1. You're so clever, what an ingenious way to use those tie straps. Very, very cute. :)

  2. Well, no matter what they're supposed to be used for you have found the perfect use for them.

  3. OMGGGGGGGG.. believe me I know this but it was totally OUT of my mind.. hahahahahahaha
    you are dangerously smart..

  4. Well ,I was clooooose , I'll do better one of these days ...

  5. this was my first time playing this game....that was fun....maybe next time we'll have a "winner" :)

  6. I was way off with my guess, wasn't I? I thought for sure they were spines.

  7. Those are cute (although the bendy tail somehow reminds me of a scorpion - do they come in black too?) :)