Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Purple Passion Pendant

Time for the reveal!  If you're just popping in, we have been playing a round of Guess the Mystery Thing featuring this upcycled necklace:

My readers have been trying to identify the purple and black focal piece.  What the heck is this thing?

 I also made a crazy ring and an extra-long giant version of the pendant - let's see if showing them will help at all...

Think you know the answer?  Did anybody get this right?  All shall be told in a minute.

First, here's Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Betsy: Where did you find purple lady bugs? 
arisraver: Part of a hair brush handle.
Angeline:  I truly admire your bravery! How did you manage to grasp the technology to enlarge the body of an ant, behead it, and dye it purple?!
Jill:  Looks like part of a pen my daughter owns.  Wondered where it had disappeared to!
Rebecca:  The bottle from those little favour sized bubbles.  If so, I hope to see a cool unique pair of earrings made with the bubble wands.
Dena:  Grapes. Wear it now, eat it later.
squarefeet:  Easter bunny pellets.
Jessica:  Beads from an abacus.
Amy: Barbie's jawbreakers.

Hahaha!  Great work, team!  Angeline's guess is too cool!  Hey, squarefeet, are 'Easter bunny pellets' what I think they are?  If so, hilarious.

Here comes the answer.



Alright already.


From the dollar store, of course.  (Query: do 'Easter straws' appear in the King James Version, or the New American Standard Bible?  I'm sure there's a scholar somewhere who can point me to the verse.)

Anyhow, they are weirdly cute and I doctored them up with a black Sharpie.

Winners, winners!  This week we have two lucky  prize winners chosen by Rebecca Anne and Arisraver.  Congrats, you two!  Look for my email, coming soon.

Note: player Bonnie B guessed "part of a bumpy straw," and would have been the winner, but didn't include an email.  Sorry, Google-plus people, I can't email you directly from your profile.  Bonnie, if you send me your address I'll send you a consolation prize.

Thanks for playing, everybody.  See ya!



  1. Thanks so much, those easter straws are really quirky, although they don't look too practical as straws. It seems you find stranger items every week.
    Thank you so much and congratulations to Arisraver and Bonnie.

  2. I agree with rebecca - your quest for strange items never fails to amuse me

  3. Of course. What could you be creating with the rest of the straw?

  4. yes...they looked for all world like something an Easter Bunny might poop out. :)

  5. Bonnie B here. My bad for not getting my email attached. Phooey. I love your "mystery thingy" posts :) What fun! Here's my email:

  6. Pretty sure those straws are in the King James. :-) I love what you made with them!

  7. I think this is the first time I've made it into the honor roll of most creative (totally wrong) guesses.

  8. OH my goodness - such cool straws!! He He!!!

  9. So cool dear! you are really Cooooooooool :) haha