Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Heart On A Shield

Oh, this is a great day.  Reveal day!  (If you're new here, I refer to the latest Guess The Mystery Thing challenge, my recurring guessing game giveaway.)

For nearly a week, my illustrious readers have been battling it out to identify the mysterious white shield-like object in this upcycled necklace:

Contrary to popular opinion, it's not the lid to Barbie's toilet seat.  Neither is it something off a Smurf potty.  Or part of an  otherworldly Faerie crapper.  So what is that Mystery Thing?

Think you know the answer?  Did anybody guess?  The truth shall out in a minute.

For this go-round, I suspend Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses.  Mainly because nearly every funny entry was toilet-adjacent.  Either you guessed the lid of a tiny imaginary toilet seat, or the part that covers the screws on an actual human-type toilet seat.

Way to keep it classy, you guys!

Now let's get to the reveal.


This truly is my favorite kind of upcycle!  The genuine "trash to treasure" kind.  Yes, this item is a throwaway, an empty, a bit of garbage.

Doncha love making something useful, cool or beautiful from the world's crap?  If you're anything like moi, it's one of the best feelings in the world.

But I digress.

So, are you ready now?


Okay, here it comes.


A good one, eh?

I hafta admit, I think my Heart On A Shield necklace is really pretty.  I did a second version with a bird instead of a flying heart...

Here's a quickie tutorial, in case you want to try it.

Snip off the lid part and poke two holes for stringing.  The plastic was soft and I just used pointy scissors.  To widen the opening, spin the scissor blades in the hole.  Then hang your shield pendant on chain, ribbon, beading wire, whatevah! 

To embellish, I first combined a charm and a big filigree earring finding.  Here's how I did the bird, using a headpin to connect them:

Finally, I attached that bird-and-filigree piece to the creamer lid using two more headpins.  Tiny loops in back hold the filigree tight to the lid.  Like so:

For the heart version, I used a little purple scrapbooking brad to attach the heart to the filigree.  Then attached the filigree to the shield with the same tiny-loop-in-back method.

Okie doke!  Time for the...

Winners, winners!  Well, most of the non-toilet-guessing people figured out it was a flip-top lid.  The first and only contestant to guess a cream bottle lid was...drum roll, please...Divya!  And our lovely runner-up, chosen by Kristina!  Whoo, congratzzz, you two.  Look for my email, coming soon.

Thanks as always for playing the game, everybody!  You are all awesome people and make my blog (and my life) a lot more fun.


  1. Darn it! I should give up powdered creamer and switch to the real deal!

  2. Wow! I'd never have guessed.


  3. Oh, you made my day! I would never have guessed it! :) And... it kind of also would make a great bezel or not?

  4. Congrats winners and very clever Mich L and Divya!

  5. Your creative is so unbelievable and admirable.

  6. Oh, you crazy genius lady! I wouldn't have guessed that in a bazillion years. It's beautiful!

  7. You have not lost your ability to stump everyone! Gorgeous necklace! Wanted to let you know you'll be among my features when my party opens up tonight.