Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Swoopy Chocolate Pendants

I'm back with the reveal to this week's Guess The Mystery Thing Challenge.  My readers have been trying busily to identify the mysterious secret ingredient in these chocolatey upcycled necklaces:

What are those swoopy little pendants?  Think you know?  Did anyone guess?  Ahhh, that's for me to know, and for you to find out in a minute.

First, enjoy the weirdness of Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses.

Shannon: Mich, I think they are the talons of a large bird that you slayed.
Lori's daughter: Rays from a plastic sun.
Chavella: Sugar Babies candy.  Yum!
Orlo Subito: Escargot tails.
Handmade cuties: Actual petrified chocolate.  Pretty, and I bet they still taste good!
Amy: Sammy the snail slid into a chocolate puddle after sipping some sambuca. You saved him from certain suffocation by making him into jewelry.
Melodie: The old fingernail off some oversized man who is so busy eating chocolate and watching TV he only cuts his nails when it interferes with getting the chocolate from the box to his mouth. 

Delicious guesses!  The chocolate-eating man's fingernail is so funny and SO gross!  Also, now I want some Sugar Babies - forgot all about those.

Okay, it's almost time to show you the answer.  I shall tell you now, only one lone person guessed it correctly.  But before I reveal the secret...

I must apologize.

To the internet.

I apologize, internet!  For refusing to get on board with the mustache crafts.

What can I say?  The funky mustache motif just never spoke to me.  Perhaps because I am married to a guy with facial hair.  Perhaps because I have a darling little mustache of my very own.  (Okay, it's pretty much invisible, thanks to cream bleach applied on a regular schedule.  But it's there, baby!)

So, one way or another, I never felt the desire to go craftin' with the 'stache.  Then, last week at the dollar store, I found...



Scrolling down...




An entire bagful of silly mustache chip clips.  Eight clips - that's sixteen mustaches - for a buck.

Yeah, had to buy them.  I cut off the swoopy tips.  Smoothed the edges.  Added beads and stuff.  You know, like I always do.  They remind me of carved horn and I think they're just neato.  Especially nice for unisex designs.

Winners, winners!   This week, our clever First Place correct guesser is my talented friend Divya from India.  And our lovely runners up, chosen by Jennifer and Leslie!  Congrats, everybody!  Please look for my email, coming soon.

Thanks for playing, you guys.  Hope you had fun!  See ya next time.


  1. wow... yeah me... so excited :)


  2. haaa....actually the mustache part was quite simple, I didnt know that it was a clip :)

  3. How funny! I'd have never guessed! I too have failed to jump on the mustachioed band wagon. I don't get it.

  4. I just about spit my coffee laughing when I scrolled down over those mustaches. Best use of this crazy trend EVER!

  5. OMG....I am not bajiggity about the whole mustache craze either but if I see the mustache chip clips I will have to get them for jewelry. I never would have guessed! Very clever!

  6. creative!


  7. Mustache magic! Wow...a new way to wear a mustache!

  8. Brilliant and funny! We must share the same life!! My hubs has facial hair and I have one of those mustaches too. - Oh but you don't have two girls. Hm. ;)

  9. Too darn clever. I noticed the package doesn't mention anything about being great for jewelry. Shame on them.

  10. OMG, I can never guess that it would be a chocolate... clever idea!! well can I have a chocolate now.. mmmmmkkkk.. haha

  11. Wait...someone correctly guessed what that was?

  12. Urgh! I miss the game again....have to be here more frequent!