Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Crabby Claw Necklaces

Oh boy, it's that time again.  My readers have been submitting entries all week, trying to Guess The Mystery Thing in these upcycled necklaces:

The Mystery Things in question: those bronze colored, crab-claw-looking doohickies.  What the heck are they?

Think you know the answer?  Did anybody get it right?  All will be revealed in a moment.

First, Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses.

Squarefeet: I think you've sawed the tips off reindeer antlers- naughty!
Shannon: Eric (True Blood) Northman's vampire teeth since he died - they turned bronze in the fire.
Handmade Cuties: A wild animal's toenail clippings.
Sakura:  The bronze hue is characteristic of condensed waste from the toilet of a rich hamster.
Amy: You dipped King Kong's tears in maple syrup.
Angi: Wings from a batman toy?
pjmc: Uh oh! You snuck into King Midas' bedroom and clipped his fingernails while he slept.
Dena: Once upon a time, smoking was popular. Thus candymakers made candy cigarettes. Today, smoking is frowned upon. But vampires...THEY'RE all the rage. Which is why candymakers are now making caramel vampire fangs. Can't keep them on the shelves!

Snert!  Too funny, my brilliant Honorees! Once again, I think we all have to agree that Sakura went above, beyond and completely out of the box.

Okay, show of hands: who thinks someone guessed it?

I am thrilled to report that one crazy person accidentally figured this one out!  Accidentally?  Yes, she thought she was joking with her guess, but it turned out to be exactly on the money.

Ready to see the answer?  Can you handle the truth?

I'm not sure you can.  'Cause it's dangerous.



Okay, here it comes.



I snipped the off points, poked a few holes and strung the necklaces on beading wire.

Winners, winners!  First prize to crazy-like-a-fox Alex.  Lady, you are so smart!  Our lovely second place contestant, chosen by random.org: Dolores.  Congratulations, you two!  Watch for my email, coming soon.

Thanks everybody - another fabulous game.  I just love the enthusiasm around these little challenges.  Wishing all of you a creative, productive and thoughtful 2014.  With a little mystery thrown in - because isn't it the spice of life?


  1. Congrats to the winners. I will have to look for these the next time I am at the dollar stores.

    1. Happy New Year everyone and I hope that your year is a good one. May you have wealth not only in money but in kindness and compassion. Remember no man is a failure that has friends. Namaste. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhiF-PD4E_c

  2. Congratulations!
    Once again...a brilliant upcycled project. Never would have guessed. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy Crafty New Year to All. Great up cycle..I hope I can find these..totally cool. Looking forward to a bunch more Guess the Mystery Things in 2014. It's more fun than Candy Crush!

  4. OMG someone actually figure this out?? anyway wishing you a fantastic new year and waiting to see all your craftsy goodness

  5. Oh, how cool! Especially that her guess was actually meant as a joke ^^

    A happy new year! :)

  6. OMG.. so nice but very clever..haha.. have a happy year dear..

  7. Holy smokes! I was never going to guess that! But so cool!

  8. I can't believe someone actually guessed this, lol. Sorry I missed this one, but my guess would have been candy caramel teeth. Happy new year to you!!

  9. Awesome! I want Alex's talent for crazy guesses :-)

  10. I missed this one again, but I'm sure coming back this year! Happy New Year Dear!

  11. Happy 2014 y'all! Haha. So she guessed by accident, huh? Really, Mich, your creativity amazes me...

  12. HAHAHAHA!! OK, what further proof do we need that you are a dang genius?!

  13. I was so happy that DT finally had these back in stock. I will be making this one very soon!