Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sun Umbrella...Fail.

Hey!  Wanna see how this lovely attempt to stencil a faded sun umbrella...

...turned into an epic craft fail?

CLICK HERE to chortle at my well-deserved craftshaming.

(p.s.  If you aren't reading, you're missing the the funniest anti-craft blog on the web.)


  1. Ok, I must be living under a stone - haven't heard of this site, sounds fun! I'm off there now.

  2. How funny! I went right over and read it...I didn't think it was so bad...until you said pigeon poop..then I was like ...yeah.

  3. This is hilarious. I was also thinking it looked pretty good until you put the pigeon poop idea in my mind, kind of hard to erase that though. I'm checking out more of this site!