Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Tiny Neon Drops

Annnnd we're back - with the answer to this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge.  My readers have been trying their darndest to identify the mysterious secret ingredient in these upcycled earrings:

What are those little neon dangles?  Think you know it?  Did anyone guess?  Read on for the fun reveal.

Normally I post my Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses.  A favorite part of my blog!  This time I have to be brief, so I will just point you to the comments in the game - you can see all the cleverness for yourselves.

Okay, here goes.

Lots of excellent guesses - some really smart ones!  I am so impressed because I thought I had disguised my Mystery Thing quite well.

Nope!  A whole bunch of you got the answer.  How on earth?

I hang my head, abashed.



Alright, already!

Here ya go!

Cocktail sword handles.

How I did it: I trimmed away all the bits I didn't want with wire cutters - it worked really well, and made very clean cuts.  Then I used a thin metal skewer heated over flame, and melted a hole in each one.  From there it was easy to make them into dangly little earrings with small connecting jump rings.

Winners, winners!  Huge congrats to Divya, the first to get the answer.  Yay, D, so excited you won.  And our lovely second runner up, chosen by random.org:  Candice.  Woot woot and wootie-toot-toot to you two.  Be sure to look for my email, coming soon.

Thanks for playing, my dears!  I'll be back when I can with some more je ne sais quoi.


  1. You certainly stumped me. And your reveal got a great laugh, so cool!

  2. I was SO confident that I got this one too!! But alas... no.

    What do they say: The pen is mightier than the sword? This time the pen lost BIG TIME. :)

  3. I might just have to start drinking something other than wine.

  4. Haaa...I actually guessed it right!!! I guess I saw something similar during the carnival at my place

  5. If you had said some form of gummy worms, I would have believed you!! Outwitted us!

  6. Yeah! Woot woot and wootie-toot-toot to the winners! I'm sure they will love the prize goodies. I was stumped and sooo wrong on this one. Thanks for the fun!

  7. What cute cocktail sticks!! Great work with using them - can't believe how many people guessed!

  8. Is the ready steady a reference to Fallout?