Friday, April 12, 2013

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Big Mod-Podged Pendants

So!  After days of trying, I think you guys are wanting to know the answer to this week's Guess The Mystery Thing challenge.  I will tell you right up front, nobody got it.

Nobody even came close.

If you're just joining us, I made these big decoupaged pendants, upcycled from something mysterious.

What are those bright little frames?  Think you know?  (I'm pretty sure you don't.)  Read on to find out!

First, here is Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Dena:  A Smurf manhole cover. (Hope you replaced it with something so there are no broken Smurflegs.)
Shannon:  The top of a mini spaceship. The spaceship crashed and the aliens died.  But their dying wish/Was that Mich/Make a necklace out of it with their permish!
Onel: a sifter with its mesh ripped off.
Mrs. Nat: A watch case?
Amy: Barbie couldn't stand her plain ol' toilet seat cover, so she commissioned Lily Pulitzer to custom-fit a floral seat onto Barbie's commode. Poor Lily passed away Sunday and never had the pleasure to see the frozen smile on Barbie's face.
Hahaha!  Barbie's toilet seat is close...NOT.

Shall we see the answer?

As I mentioned at the top, I kinda stumped you this round.  Now I really have you curious, don't I?

After days of correct guesses, I even posted a secret hint on Twitter.  (You can follow me there to get an occasional extra bit of help with this game.) 

The hint: "Not an item used by girls or women."  That rules out a compact or makeup mirror (the most-guessed idea). 

I think you're gonna laugh when you see it.




SQUAWWWK!!!  A parakeet mirror from the pet store!

Did you laugh?  Who knew that Polly's looking glass would make such a cute pendant?

I tried two versions of the teal necklace, a multi-strand and a single strand.  Both with turquoise accent beads...

I gussied up the magenta one with real branch coral, to match the origami-paper art.

Winners, winners!  Since no one guessed it, has chosen two lovely contestants .  They will each receive a Polly Wanna Cracker necklace.  Congrats to Laurie and Sheri!  Keep an eye out for my email, coming soon.

Thanks for playing, everybody, especially all the first-timers.  Fun to meet so many new peeps!

One more thing.  Get a load of these super ornate bird mirrors:

So fairy-tale-looking, aren't they?  They remind me of Snow White.  Coming up soon - the fun Polly Wanna Cracker tutorial, and how I use simple graphics to give these beauties a completely different look.

See you then!



  1. Oh snap! Totally hitting up Petco tomorrow! I am glad that the aliens didn't die though.

    1. The fairy tale ones would be cool painted hammered bronze.

  2. That's adorable! I love your talent for looking at things and seeing them as potential components of other things. Every so often I put stuff aside because I have big ideas of doing something with it, but it just ends up cluttering up the cupboard in my workshop until the whole place starts looking a bit hoarderey so I rent a skip. :)

  3. Oooohhh!! Who would have thought of using that beside you Mich? The origami paper pendant is lovely! :D

  4. Darn it! I can never guess these! Who knew bird mirrors could be so gorgeous? Apparently you did! Nice job and way to stump us!

  5. mirror mirror on the wall..whos the genius of them all----Mich!!

  6. Oh, whee!! What fun to be a winner! Thanks Mich!!

  7. Just TWEETING should have been a hint. LOL. You take risks and are so creative. I wish I could be like that.

  8. OMG how pretty..!!! I just Love the mod podged version..I want this beautiful multi-strand necklace :) how awesome!

  9. So now you're loitering in the aisles of the pet stores searching for your next project? Brilliant!

  10. You really got us good, didn't ya? Never even came close!

  11. Okay the Bloglvin' Feed Reader gave me your posts in the wrong order...Very clever - I guess I didn't have a clue even though I felt like I should know what they were... ;)

  12. So that's what it was! I would have never guessed in a million years.

  13. I missed this post, but WOW - THAT is so cool. Who would have guessed that was a bird mirror. So cool. Now, you will have us really searching around for ideas for your mystery thing. I'm off searching for jobs now...but still must come and take a break at my favorite blogs, yours and Peaches. Such is life. Smiles!