Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Slip Into Something Upcycled

Hi again!  Time to reveal the answer to the latest Guess The Mystery Thing challenge.  The mystery: what's this textured orange stuff, which I built into layered flower jewelry?  There's a ring...

A necklace...

And some random flowers for hair ornaments or purse embellishments.

I included a hint that it does not come from a hardware store.  Think you know it?  Did anyone get the answer?  Read on to find out!

First, let's see who made it into Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Angi: A lizard with a spray tan gone bad.
Maple Girl:  Some fashionista is missing her thin pleather coat for the Tangerine Tango of 2012.
Anne P:  I think someone left flip flips with orange flowers on them OUTSIDE the hardware store because they had to change into boots and you FOUND THEM, picked them up and brought them home. THUS, the rule that it is not from a hardware store still applies.
Imadaorable: This is  what happens to orange construction paper when you leave it outside too long.
Shannon:  Dried fairy fruit leather made from magical orange scented flowers that make the fairies live longer.
Amy:  Khloe's flower power pasties Lamar gave her to wear after she wore her sheer blouse on X-Factor.
Smree:  Those weird flowers that are in the "sky" of Bikini Bottom on Spongebob Squarepants. How did you manage to get those?!
Laurie:  Dried orange peel? Your baubles would smell delicious!
Periwinkle Dzyns:  Wall paper from my nana's house!
Squarefeet: Shapes cut from a smurf's bicycle tire.

Funnnny people!

Ready for the reveal?

It's extremely gripping...

Check it out.

Anti-slip bathtub stickers from the dollar store.  Hence 'Slip' Into Something Upcycled.  (What?  Bad puns are required in craft blogging.  Seriously!  It's in the manual!)

Truthfully, I did not envision exactly these jewels when I bought the thoughts on the outcome were vague at best.  But I really like 'em!

Totally off-topic: for anyone who remembers my painted-chair-in-progress, here's a shot of the finished design.  I think the ring goes particularly well with it - doesn't it kinda match the flowers on the sugar skull?

Winners, winners!  A whole buncha people got it this time, aren't you the smarties?  Who guessed it first?  That would be quick-on-the-draw Kelly B.  And has chosen two lovely runners up this week: Tez and Kitty D.  Congrats to all!  Be sure to check for my email.

Thanks SO MUCH for playing, my cool and creative mystery lovers!  Come back soon for another puzzler.


  1. Love the painted chair-in-progress with (and) the ring!

  2. Fabulous! Oooh, do they come in different colors? I think I have some of those metal filigrees. Love it!

  3. Oh yeeeeeah... Okay! It's all clear to me now. I should know by now to read into those puns more deeply. I'll remember that for SURE next time. :)

  4. As usual, I can never second guess your devilishly creative mind!

  5. You have officially convinced me to walk into a hardware store!

  6. Hello dear...
    This is so clever as usual but I think more beautiful..Love the color smart you are..really!!