Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: From The O.K. Corral

Welcome, mystery lovers!  I am about to reveal one of the trickiest rounds of Guess The Mystery Thing ever.  Let's take another look at the puzzling jewel in question:

The challenge: identify that delicate pink bail (the part that connects the pendant to the chain).

Think you know?  Did anyone get it right?  Read on for the Rottin' Tootin' solution!

But first, here is Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Katherine: You snapped the bottom off a pink fairy Pez dispenser.
MaryXO: A tab hanger for Breast Cancer jewelry.
Ashley:'s from a paper doll kit, the part where the shirt was punched out.
Beth: Looks like part of Barbie's seatbelt broke off her car!
Saraccino: I am speechless...didn't the poor robot suffer enough?  Now you took away its smile!
Squarefeet: Barbie's paper toilet seat sanitary cover.
Lisbonlioness: Well, ever since that awful battle in Koom Valley, trolls and dwarves are arch enemies.  Sometimes they still clash big style, even those third or fourth generation city dwellers whose ancestors left the mountains to find a better, more peaceful life for themselves, often forging swords and building witch brooms (dwarves) or working as bouncers and hired muscles (trolls). Now... it is customary among dwarves not to reveal your sex. Both male and female dwarves wear beards, battle axes, chain maille and iron boots - you can imagine this makes asking someone out on a date a bit tricky at times, right?  But recently, the more modern female city dwarves have got fed up with being unable to doll up. So they have come up with rather subtle ways of underlining their femininity without coming across as downright sluts. Little things like curling their beards, wearing chain maille skirts over the iron boots and girly belt buckles.  Which brings me to todays item. For everybody who knows at least a few rudimentary facts about dwarves, it is immediately obvious that this is a little belt buckle belonging to a female dwarf.  Don't say I don't educate you guys when it turns out I'm right!
Betsy:  Did you eat the entire bag of cotton candy?
Amy: Barbie's chastity belt?
Imsteelefullofscrap: Barbie's Fallopian tubes!

Hahaha!  Those last two are the funniest Barbie guesses ever.  And in answer to Besty: of course I ate the entire bag of cotton candy.  Not that it has anything to do with this Mystery Thing.

So who wants to know the truth?

Can you handle it?


Here ya go.

A little cowgirl play set.  Even Bailey was skeptical when I brought it home.

But how could I resist?  Pink six-shooters complete with holsters, Sheriff's star and bullet holder.  The Mystery Things are the two ends of the bullet holder.

Now that you know the answer, I can show you what else I  made.  I had to use the Sheriff's badge:

 From the butt of a six-shooter, I stole two longhorn cows.

I kinda love those best.

Winners, winners!  Nobody guessed it.  I'm giving the win to Lisbonlioness this time, because she was the first to mention a belt, and the bullet holder is basically a belt accessory.  (Okay, kind of a stretch, but I will stretch myself to breaking point for you guys.)  And the second winner, chosen by Lora!  Congrats, you two!  Be sure to check your email for a note from me.

Thanks for playing, dudes and dudettes!  Come back soon now, y'hear?


  1. Never in a million years would anyone have guessed this. You got us! How boootiful...those longhorn cows look like carved ivory.

  2. TOLD you it was easy! *coughs hysterically*
    Seriously? i can totally not believe I came even in the same zip code as the truth. What the heck???
    For a day that started off relly badly, today seems to be a pretty dang fine day as far as 24 hour periods go.
    Now I'm gonna facepalm myself because I seem to have more luck than brains. And I'm LOVING it!!

  3. Oh my. My eensy brain cells would never have figured that out. But yay to Lisbon Lioness for coming SO very close! I think I concur with you here about the long-horn cows too. They're just moo-velous. :)

  4. Oh yeah...I really would have gotten this one! :) You didn't use holster. Did you buy this with the up-cycle in mind? Or were you planning on playing cowgirl with your man?