Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Frugal Tip: Shreds and Baggies!

Hiya!  Today, a little bit of homebrewed frugality.  A super cheep cheep idea for mailing something small and delicate.  Because bubble wrap costs too much!  And recycling is everybody's best friend.

Take a fistful of shredded stuff from your shredder.

You do have a shredder, right?  If not, you know someone who does - someone who will fall on your neck and bless your ancestors and your future great-great-grandchildren, if you ask to take away a big bag of shreds.

Grab a little baggie.  I buy 'em at the Dollar Sore, of course.  So they cost, oh, about 2 cents each.

Fill loosely with shreds.

Tuck something delicate inside.

Add more shreds, stuffing it as full as possible.

Seal it up!

Wrap it in something cute!  Put in a cardboard mailer (if possible, one you have recycled) and send to someone you love.

These are also great to use as padding for bigger items: fill a bunch of small baggies with shreds, and tuck them around a fragile item inside a larger box.  My vintage Etsy shop is full of breakables, and man, does this trick save money on bubble wrap and packing peanuts!

Okie dokie, my frugal artichokies!  See you next time!


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  2. I don't have a shredderthing, but i really like this idea!!!!

  3. good idea..I am also not having any shredder but can be tried with a sharp paper cutter! thanks for sharing..

  4. You clever gal! A few months ago I had bags and bags full of shreddies. I think you need to make some papier mache bracelets.

  5. Love the packaging idea and the ribbon....I guess we know who's getting the goodie bag. I've done papier mache as well with the shreddies.

  6. I don't have a shredder, but I do have big scissors and my tiny muscles. Pretty sure they could do this right?

    Thanks Michelle!

  7. Brilliant, Madam! You know I love recycling, so I'll be using this method for sure!

  8. This is indeed a very helpful tips! Now, heading to wrap up something!

  9. And the shredded paper can be composted at the other end! A win-win!