Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Wrapping It Up.

Hello!  To catch you up, my readers and I have been playing a gripping round of Guess The Mystery Thing (my crafty giveaway game), and it's time to reveal the answer!  The challenge: identify the pink material in these upcycled bracelets:

Did anyone guess?  Think you know the answer?  Read on...

Before I scatter the legumes, let's check out Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Amy: Catwoman's bra strap.
Alex: The waistband from a pair of grandma's thunderpants undies!
Shannon:  The pull strip from the top of a dog food bag.
Smree:  Dental floss for giants.
Stella:  Barbie's bull whip?
Mixikim:  An EKG reading, on their anniversary night, of a couple that has been married far too set of lines is the man's reading and one is the woman's.
Dena:  Jolly Pink Giantess's hair elastics.
Sunny:  A tampon bungee.

Brilliant, as always.  I love that so many people guessed the strip off a dog food bag!  You know me too well.  However, I don't understand the phrase "tampon bungee."  Kids these days!

Okay, my friends.  The beans are about to spill.

Guess what?  Nobody got it.

Not even close.

Not even close to close.

*sound of maniacal laughter*

Drum roll...

...wait for it...


Pink tennis racquet grip tape.  Pink!  Tennis racquet!  Grip tape!  And nobody guessed it!  GOTCHA!

Even though you all jumped the shark this time, I am still giving away some jewelry.  Cause I'm nice like that.

Winners!  I consulted with and it informed me that this week's lucky duckies are Maple Girl, Sunny79 and Creative Mind.  Congrats, you three!

Thanks again for coming out to play, everybody!  That was a fun one...for me.  Heeheeheehee!


  1. That's quite cool! (and looks cool!)

    The material should have a real good endurance or? Like the thought that one culd use it in sooo many projects and ways :)

  2. You got us good, Mich. I am glad I made the honor roll at least :O) I can't wait for next time.

  3. Its not happening first time..! we have guessed totally wrong so many times..haha
    Woohoo..I am a winner again,,wao,,I am enjoying your previous beautiful accessories & now this will be another cute addition :)
    Thank You dear!

  4. WOW. Did it come sewn or did you use a machine, Mich?? I'd like a tutorial, but would need to know how to sew first. So hard. Beautiful bracelets. You did it again.

  5. Too much fun, and crazy that grip tape comes in pink... hee hee!

  6. I think you through all of us off with the stitching you added to the grip tape. Good play.

  7. Wait . . . I won? Holy crow!

    Sweetness and jubulations! Thanks!

    1. I really should check my email every day . . .

  8. I didn't get time to take a guess during the contest but, I would have guessed one of those ultimately irritating extra strap you get with a new purse to make it longer to sling over your shoulder- But oddly enough you still have the short ones on the purse if you do attach cool does that end up looking!?!?!?
    So.... maybe if you come across one of those any time soon you could make something else oober cool from it!?!?! C'mon... I have faith in ya! ;)