Monday, April 16, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Fancy Buttressed Balls.

Oh, woe is me!  After a few days of playing Guess The Mystery Thing, I have LOST yet another round to my wily readers.  And it's all due to my severe lack of housewifery.

I thought these balls would be a challenging mystery:

Alas, I was wrong.  More than half the contestants (and their Aunt Fanny) apparently knew the answer.  Did you?  Who won the prize?  And what does my lack of housewifery have to do with anything?  Read on to find out.

Before the shaming explanation, let's take a peek at Mich's Honor Roll Of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Periwinkle Dzyns: The world charm off the cat's collar in Men in Black.
Maria: Modern furniture for Barbie.
Mixikim:  A failed attempt at making tortillas.
Denise: A thong organizer insert - the plastic piece inside the egg shaped container to keep your itty bitty barely-there thongs separated.
Amy:  Hanukkah Barbie's ultracool dreidels.
Saraccino: Tribble skeletons!
Pam:  The little plastic things that come in the middle of your pizza to keep the box from crushing your pie.
Ashley: A spiked ball invented by nerds, to put on their Junior High School teacher's chair, mwahahahahahahahahahahah!

Whoo!  Some very ingenious ones this week.  I sooo want a Tribble skeleton!

Okay, the answer.  Which so many people thought was obvvy.  Look:

Dryer balls.  I was not aware of dryer balls.  Was I supposed to be using them all this time?

My normal laundering technique: 1. Wait until every item of clothing in the house is dirty.  2. Throw it all into one massive load that causes the washer to go on tilt.  3. Let it sit forgotten in the dryer for several days, gathering permanent wrinkles, while complaining there are NO clean socks or underwears.  4. Run out and buy new socks and underwears.  5. Discover the forgotten clean ones.  6. Say a bad word.


Anyway.  Winners!  First prize goes to welmoed!  And my winner: Pam.  Congrats, you two!  A fancy buttressed ball will be heading your way shortly.

Thanks again for playing, everybody!  And for teaching me humility and laundry.  But I'm tired of losing.  My next Mystery Thing will be fiendish.  Fiendish, I say!  You have been warned.


  1. I didn't know about laundry balls either so don't feel bad. I can't for next time :O)

  2. Whether you are housewifery or not...we still love you!

  3. I have more fun reading all the guesses you girls are just wonderful I look forward to it every week oh what will she think of next!!!

  4. Well - I've heard of laundry balls but never used them...

  5. Not only have I never heard of these things, but all my wrong guesses were already guessed, too! (Pizza box holder-upper was what I was thinking, too.)

    What do these things do when you're not making jewelry out of them?

  6. My husband does laundry like you do...he almost needs two dressers for his socks and underwear! And the washer has gone tilt once and leaked on the floor...I think because of going overload! I never heard of the laundry balls, but everyone else did, so I figured they were right on top of it. Congrats to the winners. Love your game!!!

  7. I've seen the spikey balls for laundry but never these kind. They are supposed to be used instead of liquid softener or dryer sheets but I've read that they are not good to use because they 'beat' the clothes too much and then the clothes wear out sooner. Who knows, I still use my trusted liquid softener. Thanks for another fun game!

  8. hmm..I am not into household work at all,,,so I was not familiar with this useful thing,,I must see if it is in our laundry area or not..
    Thanks for sharing dear :)

  9. "a bad word" Thanks for reminding me... there are 2 loads left to do today... one in the dryer, the other in the washer since yesterday.
    Love the game, even if I don't win it!

  10. I guess myy housewifery skills need a jump start too. I've been left behind with the dryer "sheets." Love the clever guesses:-)

  11. I didn't recognize them either, I think they are a cute mystery thingy...I've seen them before just never connected them...duh...

  12. You are too cute. I couldn't imagine you saying a bad word. Never! Not my sweet little MichL!!! :)

  13. You and I have the same laundry technique!