Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teeny Tiny Framed Jewels - Super Simple DIY

Today: how I turned a trip to the home improvement store into this preposterously simple framed charm jewelry:

Ready?  Here's the DIY!

Step one: go on a search for these little doodads:

They are wedge spacers for setting tiles.  100 of them cost less than four bucks!  I found these at Lowe's, but they are available other places, too.  (Click here for the manufacturer's website, there's a list of retail sources on there somewhere.)

Step two: snip off the end with strong scissors - they're not tough to cut at all.

Step three: open a jump ring, add a charm and a mini frame, and twist the jump ring closed.  If the jump ring is light, you can use your fingers and one pair of pliers; for a heavier gauge, you'll need two pairs.  (Sorry, no picture of that 2 plier move.)

Annnd...that's that!

Add Sharpie doodles for extra fun!

You could also use a longer piece, or use the back side, or both:

I want to try model paints or paint pens for some different effects.  These are little blank slates and I love them SO much!

(Another idea: my friend Ruth from Periwinkle Dzyns suggested changing the color with Rit dye - I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like a great idea!  You should take a look at her fabulous experiments in button dying.)

Okay, my peeps, that's it for now...see ya next time!


  1. Such a great idea! SO simple but brilliant results!

  2. Great idea. I love frames and why not have you jewerly framed as well?
    Greetings from Germany

  3. OOOH thanks for posting this Michelle. I love it.

  4. So much you can do with these frames! Love the flower trios. What are they?

  5. First the Dollar Store, now Lowe's. Where will you shop next? So many possibilities with these little wedges. Awesome!!

  6. I really like the elephant with the sharpie doodles - and the rose with the key - fun projects...

  7. wao dear, these are so many with lots of cute thingies..lovely!!
    thanks for sharing how-to

  8. Preposterously beautiful..especially the flower trios enhanced with markers. Another upcycle?

  9. what fun Michelle! I can imagine all kinds of colourful designs with the sharpies and paint, but I love the simple white ones too. Oh the possibilities...

  10. wow..looks fabulous!! what a great idea!!

  11. Brilliant! The flower ones are my favorites. I wonder if alcohol inks will work? BTW You know I am going to feature this one on my blog as it is too good not to share!

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