Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Story...And A DIY Earring Kit.

Hiya!  Say, would anyone like a kit to make these soul-killingly cute seahorse earrings?

How about these pretty, leafy, dangly ones?

Both these designs can be made in one minute, with no tools needed - just your own bare hands.  (The detailed tutorial is right here.)

Yes?  Maybe?  Then have I got a post for you!  It consists of two things:

1. A very short story, about my talented brother and his incredible opportunity to record an album in Paris.

2. A mutually beneficial plan for you and for me.  Wherein, if you visit my bro's Kickstarter proposal and kick in any amount, I'm gonna send you a kit with everything you need to make one pair of delicious earbobs.

If you wish to learn more, read on!

The short story...
My adored brother Eric is a musician up in rainy Seattle.  He has spent years writing, recording, performing in proud, Indie rock semi-obscurity.  His stuff is really beautiful.  Also, he is a wonderful person - one of the great dads of the world, while working incredibly hard as a respected child therapist.  Now an amazing music producer (Ken Stringfellow, from R.E.M., The Posies and many others) wants to produce Eric's solo record.  In his Paris recording studio.

Eeeee!  *sound of me plotzing, flailing and getting all verklempt*

Eric would never feel right about taking that kind of money from a (tight) family budget to go for this dream...but what an opportunity!  So he's opened himself up to finding angel investors through Kickstarter.  I am pulling for him like you would not believe!

My proposition...
Go to Eric's Kickstarter project.  (If you watch the brief video you'll hear some lovely samples of his music.)  Kick in any amount.  (Really - any amount!  Every little bit helps.)  Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me you did it.  BE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL!!!  And I will send you one of these nifty kits:

I must reiterate: these are absolute beginner DIY jewels - with all the bits included.  Would make a very cool gift for someone who has always wanted to make jewelry but hasn't yet dipped a toe in the water.  Your mom, your sis?  A tween?  A teen?  Even (gasp) a dude!

Or maybe that someone is you.

Here's the link once again: my brother's Kickstarter.

Eric and his youngest

That's it!  I know it's a different kinda post from me.  I just wanted to do a little thing for a project I believe in.  And maybe use some of my powers for good and not evil.

For once!

(p.s. the earwires are stainless steel, friendly to sensitive ears.)
(p.p.s. If you aren't familiar with Kickstarter, here's a link to the basics.  It's cool.  It's mildly controversial.  I happen to like it lots.)


  1. Donated! I used a different e-mail address for Kickstarter - alexandriayg[at]gmail[dot]com. :)

  2. I definitely donated and wish Eric the best of luck with his brilliant project. As you know, I don't wear jewelry so might I suggest you send a kit to whomever you feel rightfully deserves some jewelry sweetness?

  3. Your brother is brilliant (and sweet) - his kids are adorable and the video is fabulous - it looks like he is definitely going to make it. My spare money is in taking care of my sister's twins that came three months early so I am not donating now (will write about the twins on Friday) but I wish him the best of luck - I might have to buy his album when it comes out.

  4. I really liked your brother's music- I donated and I can't wait to hear the finished project! My email is

  5. I would donate, but I'm twelve, and my mom doesn't even know I have email, so....

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