Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Take Two Of These (And Call Me In The Morning)

Time to reveal the answer to another round of Guess The Mystery Thing!  (If you're new around here, it's my fun little crafty giveaway game.)  This week, our intrepid players were challenged to identify the secret ingredient in these upcycled necklaces:

Think you know the answer?  Read on to discover who won!

Before the reveal, here is Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Amy: how can it not be Astronaut Barbie's UFO?
Dena:  a five-sided holiday cookie sprinkle jar with a sectioned lid. Who did you recruit to eat all those cookies so you'd have enough lids? Why didn't you ask me to help?
Smree: flowers from Spongebob's garden!
Squarefeet: Barbie's old satellite dish...she's doing Netflix these days.
Witsykitten: an ant killer bait station.

As always, fascinating...and some of you people are nerts.  (I love that about you.)

Okay, ready for the unveiling? Here goes...



Yes, indeedy.  Child-proof prescription bottle caps!  From this...

To this.

Winners!  Top prize is a tie between Beth, who said "one of those lids that you have to push and twist to get open," and asherandamy, who was first to guess childproof medicine bottle lid.  And this week's winner: Smree.  Congrats to you all, watch for my email.

Thanks everybody!  I am always and forever happy that you keep coming out to play.  Tutorial coming soon - see ya then!


  1. You should take a few necklaces down to your friendly CVS pharmacy and have the employees model them.

  2. Woohoo!! I seriously love your blog!

  3. I have a CVS medicine bottle by my bed...right there before me very eyes. I LOVE checking out the blogs of everyone who responds to Mich's upcycles. I go from one site to another within that one, to another. I can be on my computer for hours. No wonder I didn't notice the obvious on my nightstand.. but, Oh boy what great ideas and inspiration I get from all of you!!!! Thanks!! :)

  4. I wonder... will I ever guess right??

  5. Wow I wonder where my guess went to??? I had guessed meds tops...hmmmm now I don't see my post I made..oh well congrats to the winners...Debb

  6. Oh Duh I found me I was talking about another blog, sorry, this one I guessed a spinner..

  7. If I had seen this before the reveal, I totally would have guessed it! And would have loved the reward! Although I probably would have just said prescription bottle caps. Would that have counted? Also, the crazy guesses on all of these challenges sound like something I would say. I should probably have my head examined.