Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Funny Flower Statement Rings

Welcome!  If you are just joining us, my readers and I have spent the past few days playing Guess The Mystery Thing. With these great big, giddy flower statement rings:

The challenge: identify those wacky plastic fleurs.

Think you know?  Did anyone guess it?  Read on...

First, Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Perwinkle Dzyns: That lovely plastic flower arrangement in Aunt Martha's living room - you baked them in the oven till the plastic shriveled.  Oh, and you washed the dust off first.
The Answer Is Chocolate:  You went flower picking in Willie Wonka's candy garden.
Amy: Barbie's single seat pool floats.
Shannon:  Tinkerbell's flower umbrellas.
Ladiemaus: Melted Jolly Ranger candies poured into a mold. (Fine tuning by licking off the sharp edges!)
Smree: Lady Gaga's hairbows? (Who am I kidding? She would never wear anything that tame...)
Numerous players: fancy shower curtain rings.

Shower curtain rings?  Just how fat do you guys think my fingers are???  I made the rings myself, and they are normal finger sized.

Harrumph.  Okay, I was mad but I forgive you.  Ready?  Here's the answer...

Yes, indeed - plastic reusable ice cubes!  In a particularly cute array of pastel colors.

I kinda thought these were going to be trickier to guess.  But most of you got it easily!  Either you are all remarkably clever, or your drinks are a lot fancier than mine.  Or both.

Winners!  First prize goes out to UPAE art.  And my two winners: Dani and JesusChique!  Congrats congrats - watch for my email, coming soon.

Thanks for playing, as always...I am off see about putting my fingers on a diet.  Until next time!


  1. Great idea and they come in so many shapes

  2. Clever...I say that to you way too often.

  3. so happy to be back on the list of wrong answers :)

  4. Oh lucky them! Way to go guys!

  5. Loved the guess of "Willie Wonka's candy garden"!

  6. I love all these projects - so much fun to try to guess (and even more fun when you reveal your secrets!)

  7. I've never seen any shower curtain rings that fancy! You must be some kind of genius, I can't think of anyone else who would look at a plastic ice cube and think of turning it into a ring! Amazing!

  8. Ok - plastic reusable ice-cubes? is there such a thing? now that is just weird!!or am I the only person in the world who didn't know of their existence?