Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: NOT Baby Fairy Tears?

For the past few days, my readers and I have been engaged in a super silly game of Guess The Mystery Thing.  The challenge: identify the mysterious pink drops in these, my latest upcycled jewels:

Aaaand they come in green.

The answer is about to be revealed!  Think you know?  Did anyone get it right?  To find out, read on...

As always, I must first share a few of the best and brightest entries.  Mich's Honor Roll Of The Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Scrollwork: Hummingbird snack packs.
Michele: Yummy, they look like the cod liver oil capsules my mother used to hand out to us as children! Strangely, I loved them.
Mary: Chipmunk hot water bottles.
Laurie: Please tell me they're not what I think they are (spermicide capsules)!
Stella: Baby polio vaccinations, lol - but where would you get those from?
Lisbonlioness: Poison rings are SO out of date! Going on a blind date is all good and well, but you don't really want to be seen wearing one of those big chunky Lucretia Borgia pieces in public, right? So these are cleverly disguised capsules of snooze potion to slip into the guy's drink when you need to make a discreet getaway (the Michael Bolton T- Shirt was a dead giveaway).  Now you can leg it AND look stylish.
Ashley:  Did Angelina Jolie give you her leftover vials of Billy Bob's blood?
Peaches: Individual pouches of electric magenta salad dressing.
Dena: Melted crayons inside Barbie's transparent purse that was left too close to a heater.
Alvis: Squibs that actors use to make fake blood appear on their clothes.
Sarah: The new breeds of dragons these days are having freaky looking eggs!
Amy:  Barbie's breast implants.
meijo's JOY: Snacks for Dracula's babies?
Sonja: Doll house lava lamps.
Jaymie: The first thing I thought was feminine cleansing capsules. They are quite beautiful.

Oh, good grief, I wonder about you guys sometimes...I really do!  And Jaymie?  I implore you: never put those two sentences together again.

So who's ready to find out?  Scroll down to see the answer...hee hee...






Little teardrop-shaped vials of orchid food!  How could I pass these up when I saw them at the grocery store?  They come surrounded by a rectangle of plastic:

I trimmed away the extra to the shape of the teardrop.

Winners, winners!  Nobody guessed this - yippee, I win again!  Sorry, I am just too brilliant for you this week.  (It won't last.) has named three lucky ducklings to receive weird jewelry:  Derek, Beth and crochets4preemies.  Congrats to you all, I'll be emailing!

Shall we have a quick DIY?  Here's what I did.

And that's the basic idea!  Just attach earwires and voila, a pair of conversation-piece earrings.  And something interesting - take a look at these two variations.  The first pair has the curve facing out, and the second pair is turned around to feature the flat back:

For a neck adornment, simply add a chain, cord or choker.

You could even do something a bit more bold, like this swell green multi-strand necklace.  Fun, eh?

Note to the winners and anyone trying this at home: these pieces are kind of...shall we say...conceptual.  They prolly won't hold up forever - I imagine they're bound to spring a leak eventually.

When that happens, consider yourself fertilized! Bwahhahaha!  (Don't worry, it's only colored water with a drop of iodine.)  Then you can just discard the leaky teardrops, and end up with some cute butterfly jewelry.

Okay, boys and girls, that's it for today.  Thanks for playing, everybody - that sure was a fun one.  See you soon!


  1. This one is really cute but totally You could put some resin on the sides of the capsule to make it last longer

  2. this is amazing!!!
    really really nice, now we can say you can recycle ANYthing:-D

  3. What, my hummingbirds don't get their snacks? Waaaaah.

    That was so much fun!

  4. I always love to see what we guess! That is part of the fun, along with finding out how wrong we are!!! Orchid food! How odd is that. Nope, didn't guess it, but it makes beautiful jewelry. Congrats to the winners.

  5. Never would have guessed..absolutely beautiful. Didn't even know it existed..need some for my orchids..

  6. Beautiful - I never would have thought of jewelry looking at those capsels. Wonderful job.

  7. Scary how my mind thinks sometimes. :)

  8. Ohh yeah! Dragon Eggs go on the list!!! :)

  9. Wow! I actually won something! Thank you so very much,Mich! This particular creation of your has a very special meaning to me, as I shared with you in a private email. Thank you again for spreading joy with your amazing talents!I am so excited! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  10. You are too funny and when you are gifted with an orchid you can pull of your jewelry and feed it.

  11. Once again, I'm speechless! I love all those very clever and obvious guesses.

  12. hiya mich , yeah i agree with betsy i am speechless x thanks for the funof the guessing game and for the tut too x
    happy weird and wonderful jewlerymaking

  13. I think this is your most unique mystery thing yet! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  14. I love it! Orchid food. I can't believe what pretty gems they make. I was damn close with the cod liver oil capsule eh? It's essentially the same thing. Fertilizer for humans.

  15. wow!beautiful thought and wonderful work, like always.

  16. You are a very talented lady. I love your designs.