Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Gotcha, By Gum!

Hi!  For the past few days my readers and I have been playing a round of Guess The Mystery Thing.  What's that, you ask?  Why, a little contest to see who can identify the mysterious secret ingredient in one of my upcycled jewelry projects.  The challenge this week: guess the true identity of these red- and bluebell-shaped charms:

Think you know?  Did anyone guess the answer?  Let's find out!

As always, I must first regale you with a few of the least accurate entries.  Here is Mich's Honor Roll of Most Creative (Totally Wrong!) Guesses:

Betsy: What have you done to Barbie's shoe horns? 
Emily:  Baby fairy wings.
Amy:  SHARK!!!!
Heather:  Have you been trampling through Tinkerbell's garden?
Dena: Plastic driedel confetti.
Kathryn: Smurf shoehorns.
Lisbonlioness: Stolen blooms from U.K. bluebell woods.
Peaches: The teeth of a giant smurf who was run over by a train - that's how they got all flat and stuff.  Obviously.
MeiJo's JOY: I hope they are not the flippers of little dear...
Olivia: Baby smurf vampire fangs!
Shannon: Miniature dried man-eating plants.

Once and for all, people: I do not dismember Smurfs in my evil laboratory!  I don't!  Okay, yes, occasionally I conduct experiments recombining Smurf DNA with orphaned baby squirrels.  And yes, the results (tiny blue squirrels able to rap in six languages and do the Macarena) would delight you if I were ever foolish enough to reveal them to the world.  But that's it, I swear!

However, I can reveal the answer to the mystery of the bluebells.

Ready?  Here goes...

Goofy rubber Gumby charms!  Courtesy of Jessica from Zakka Life - who sweetly sent them, and very sweetly (yet passive-aggressively) challenged me to turn them into jewelry.  Thanks, J!  I was stumped for a long time, but you see I finally did it.

Who won?  Me, that's who!  I stumped you guys again, heehee.  But you know I'm giving away jewelry anyway.  Because I love this game and everyone who keeps coming by to play.

Winners!  Since nobody got it, has picked two lucky duckies.  They are Agy and Shannon - congrats, you two, I will email you anon.

Thanks again for all the laughs!  See you next time...right now, I have some snares to check out in the yard. 


  1. You chopped their heads off? How could anyone possibly have guessed that one?? Mind you I think that every - yet so often people do...... Well done for fooling us all!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Oh my goodness it is Gumby! How creative Michelle! I am so glad that I won :O) Thanks again.

  3. Pokey is so lonely. Great job fooling us and beautiful jewelry. I was so sure they were plastic jewelry tags painted and cut.

  4. It's a darn good thing we couldn't see those innocent faces in your original photo.
    Good one Michelle.

  5. News alert: Pokey is safe in an undisclosed location. He will stay there until the shears in Michelle's studio are removed!!

  6. The winners will have to tell us the comments they get wearing jewely with little heads on them!!! :) How cool and yes, didn't think of that one. You never amaze me....

  7. Eeks! You beheaded them! Looking forward to receiving them in the mail :-) Agy

  8. Remind me of the gingerbread boy from Shrek... :)

  9. Mich from now on you will officially be called "The head hunter"

  10. You can't be serious. You made that from that? 0_o A post- accident smurf would have come to mind way easier, right, Peaches?

  11. hee hee, disembodied gumby charms... that was my next guess. :)

  12. Oh my, you cut off all there heads! Knew you would make something fun with these.

    You know, I was going to tell you, you didn't have to post about them or make something with them if you didn't want to. I guess that message is a little late now.

  13. oh the girls are hunting for 'heads' to copy Mitch-creations...

  14. awesome! you got us!!! good for you, you creative mad genius!

  15. Good gracious, that's so morbid! Delightfully so, but still. Where in the world did Jessica even find those buggers? And how did you look at them and think, "Adorable bluebells!"?

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  17. I just found your blog today! Your creations are so stinkin cute! I have spent the past two hours reading as many posts as I can. I must stop now, but I will be back to giggle at your awesomeness. HeeHee

  18. Again, I'll echo the same just found your blog today !!!!

    You guys are wierd but in a great Krafty way. And now I will hitch myself onto the end of this wild train ride and see where it goes !!!! Really good genius. I just could not resist !!!!

    Sincerely Signed
    Building My Wealth Without a Handbook or any other negatives and Determined to Succeed !