Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: The Statement Necklace Wins.

So!  For several days, my readers and I have been battling it out in another exciting round of Guess The Mystery Thing.  The challenge: identify the swoopy silver element in this upcycled statement necklace:

Cute, right?  Long and bold, with big vintage faux Bakelite beads.

This carved jade version is more of a princess length:

Did anyone guess the answer?  Or is this one a little bit tricky?  Let's find out...

Before the reveal, I like to feature a few of my favorite entries of the week.  Presenting Mich's Honor Roll of the Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Alex: the coil from a French coffee press.
Stephanie: no wonder you can never make toast around your house, you took the toaster apart.
Amy: Barbie is communicating with Mars again.
Jackie: a baby mattress spring and cherry tomatoes.
Ashley: Dolly Parton's underwire.
Meijo's JOY: my TV antenna that blew away in the storm.
Several guessers: a potato masher.
Betsy: coils from the back of the Easy Bake Refrigerator.
Lisbonlioness: Homer simpson's latest EEG, which Dr. Hibbert felt the need to immortalize in wire.
Vanishing Pearl: people keep thinking up things to make with my kinky hair.
Periwinkle Dzyns: Slinky Dog called, he wants his body back!

Hee!  I am so making something out of a potato masher someday!

Okee dokee!  Time for the reveal.  Ready?



Here's the answer.

The wire from a pop-up laundry basket!  Specifically, a really cheap pop-up laundry basket that lost its pop.

And then there was jewelry.

The DIY is kinda fun!  I took round-nose pliers and just started bending swoops at was very experimental.

Added big beads and did more swooping:

Finished off each end with a small loop  Then added short segments of chain and a clasp.

Two tips.  1. this wire is strong and working it is a little rough on the fingers; I should have worn gloves.  2. you cannot cut this stuff without Superstrength or a big machine of some kind!  Plan to use the entire piece of wire - if it's too long when you finish swooping, add some more swoops.  If it's too short, add some chain for length.

Now my favorite part.  Did anyone guess?  Answer: NO!  In a rare win, I managed to stump you all.  Yay, me!

However, one person had a near miss.  Lisbonlioness realized I created the swoops from a flat wire that makes something pop out into 3 dimensions, although she guessed it came from a paper lantern.  So I am totally awarding her the win!  And my winner: Kate.  Congrats, you two!

Thanks for playing, everybody - that was way fun!

Hope you had fun, too.  See ya next time!


  1. This is not fair okay..(am pouting now!)..since you said that it was something specific we all thought that it would be item that already had all the squiggles on it....but great work you did stump us all ;)

  2. OmG... I am SO chuffed!!! Thanks, Mich, I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to wear my gorgeous prize! *jumps for joy* Yay!!

  3. Ahhhhhh this is so exciting! Thank you!!

  4. Interesante!!!nunca se me habria ocurrido. Besos

  5. I didn't realize it was such a large wire. Deceptively delicate in the photos. Beautiful!

  6. Congrats Mich. You really threw us in the wash this time! Beautiful jade necklace.

  7. So cool! Never ever would have guessed that! :)

  8. Oh, I love the princess length one. Especially that green bead paired with the squiggles - gorgeous! I really like the chain you picked, too. It complements the wire really nicely.

    And Bailey! That face! <3 I think he and my beagle mix Benny must have some relatives in common.

  9. OMG...I actually have this thing on hand and was holding it when reading your post....AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH......! Love this game!

  10. Cool..I believe very tiny are upcycled and you dont throw anything. You have super cool ideas to change into something.....very inspiring

  11. Your artwork is unbelievable! LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for stopping by this evening and leaving me a sweet note! I'm happy to be your newest follower! XO, Aimee

    PS I have a giveaway going on {it's my first} and I'd LOVE to have you enter to win. The link is the first link on the top rightbar of my site. SUPER easy to find and signing up is real easy, too!!! Crossing my fingers you win! XO, Aimee

  12. You are such a rock star! This is so much fun trying to guess. You keep blowing me away with your ingenuity.