Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: The Gold Bird Variations.

Hi!  For a few days, my readers and I have been engaged in a grim battle of wits, to determine the outcome of my latest Guess the Mystery Thing challenge.

Okay, maybe not so grim.  But stirring! Definitely stirring.  The assignment: identify the secret ingredient in these upcycled earrings...

What are those swoopy golden fowl?  Confident you know the answer?  Read on!

Before the reveal, a brief pause to be entertained by a few of the cleverest answers.  I give you Mich's Honor Roll Of The Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses:

Ashley: you stole the flamingos Alice and the Queen were using to play croquet.
Jill: gold plated fancy miniature chopsticks, from the 14th century Ming Dynasty.
Amy: the two witnesses needed at Barbie and Ken's rushed wedding at city hall in Boca.
EmilysNan: very tall elegant bats.
PeriwinkleDzyns: the sticks the public health nurse uses to check kids for nits.  They're decorative to distract the kids from the fact they may have little 6 legged critters crawling across their scalps.
Anne P: they are hiding from getting stuck in peoples yards, by painting themselves gold and hanging upside down! And doing a great job!
Saraccino: flamingos are normally birds with tiny, wobbly legs, would it not be for their secret hanging upside down procedure.  How could you do this? Now you showed the whole world their beauty secret!
Mary: lawn ornaments for hamsters.
Dena: the pet flamingo of a voodoo doctor, who ran away one too many times, and the voodoo doc shrunk him along with the latest batch of shrunken heads. So sad for the flamingo, but on the plus side, feeding him is a lot less expensive. And something about the shrinking process made him gold, which was really a nice, unexpected side effect.


On to the goes...

Dollar store swizzle sticks!  (As I said, this challenge was very stirring.  Heh heh.)


The DIY is pretty simple, so I didn't take pictures.  All ya gotta do: 1.  Snip off the swizzle end with wire cutters.  2. Make some holes - you can use a Dremel tool, or melt holes with a heated poker.  3.  Paint with model paint.  4. Add jump rings.  5. Turn into elegant jewelry!

At the bargain price of 12 flamingos for a dollar, you can make lots of variations.  Hang them right-side-up for a different earring effect:

They make really cool pendants...

And look equally cute in silver.

(My one tip for making these: the model paint is nice because it flows on so smoothly.  But it takes a while to cure, so prepare to be a bit patient.  You could try other plastic-friendly paint and see what works.  I experimented with spray paint, but didn't like the final look as well.)

Time to announce the winners!  Since this was not a toughie, we had many correct entries.  First prize goes to early bird Lorraine!  And has chosen winner number dos: Amy!  Congrats, you two - I'll email you soon.

Thanks a bunch, everybody - for joining the game and making my weekend.  Now I am off to think about what to make from the swizzle ends...any suggestions?


  1. How lovely ! looking so cute! their look after paint is really cool! so smart you areeeee :)

  2. Model paint! A brilliant tip - I would have never thought of it.

    These guys are quite handsome in their gold and silver duds.

  3. I am completely taken with your blog. I enjoy every moment of reading it and seeing your artistic creations. Keep up the good work. PS I like them better right side up.

  4. I agree with Melissa, using model paint is a fantastic idea for small plastic pieces like these. So smart of you, Michelle. I'll have to store that in my memory bank for future use!

  5. como siempre te pasas!!!!!

  6. OMG This is really pretty and very luxury looking!

  7. Drat, I didn't make the funny list. I'll have to try harder next time.

    Swizzle sticks and model paint. That just opens up a world of new possibilities, doesn't it? I think I need to go shopping now.

  8. Fun! And cute! I enjoy reading very much. I like them upside down, definitely an attention-getter. :)

  9. Ha! Just brilliant! I wonder what kind of swizzle sticks we have over here......

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. My head has been upside down just like these purrrrty earrings. Love all these guesses:-)

  11. I would glue the swizzle ends to a headband and make alien antennae, personally. Maybe not the best for everyday wear, but maybe a fun dress-up idea for kids? (Or adults on Halloween?)

  12. That's clever, now I want to go see what kind of swizzle sticks I can find

  13. so fun, love em...gonna pin them! saw you on Aunt Peaches post on FB

  14. Michelle, just made these and painted mine with acrylic paint. It looks cool with one coat because the pink still shows through a bit and also with two coats (completely gold) and you can get the paint from Wall 2 Wal*mart. So awesome! Dollar Tree also has palm tree stirrers in the same Luau section with the flamingos and those would be fun too.

  15. Model paint works best because it is made to shrink into the tiny crevices as it dries. As for the stirrer ends: they could be bug or alien antenni! Made an alien or bug in knit or crochet, maybe clay, and use the stirrers for antennas or legs.