Friday, August 12, 2011

Annoyed Grunt.

Annoyed grunt?  What kind of a title is that?

If you are a fan of The Simpsons tv series, you are familiar with Homer Simpson's famous catchphrase "D'oh!"  But in teleplay form, it isn't written "D'oh."  It's annoyed grunt.

Perhaps now you begin to understand where this is going...?  A recent yard sale scored me this awesome collection of Play Doh shape cutters.

So cute.  Such fun colors.  Now they are necklaces:

Wanna try?  Here's the super simple DIY.

Make a little hole in the top of one of these critters.  You can use a Dremel-type tool or drill.  Or try my favorite trick, a heated metal poker to melt the hole.  Then add a headpin loop:

Use a jump ring to add your shape cutter pendant to a complementary necklace...


For a no-tools version, tie a knot in the middle of some cord, and thread it up through the hole in your critter:

Then string beads until it's long enough to go over your head.  Tie a final knot and you're done!

So.  Cute or weird?  They really do look adorable on...

I am going with cute.

Or am I just having sugar-fueled delusions from all the donuts? (The ones I ate to get in the mood for this post.)



  1. Very cool girl. Don't know if I'd really wear it, but I have a feeling my girly girl and her friends would be all over it, lol.

    Although the butterfly is really pretty, he he.

    Great idea!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
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  2. They're just toooo cute. I think you need to make some beads with the PlayDoh:-) We all know how rock hard that stuff can get.

  3. hiya mich another great tut from you , how doyou come up with them ? thanks for sharing with us x
    happy crafting and no grunting !

  4. Cuuuute!!!
    I love the cat necklace.

  5. I dont know if I would ever wear something like that...but it looks really cute..esp the blue green one with memory looks adorable :)

  6. Definitely cute. I'm in love with the tulip one.

  7. My favorite is the kitty with the tulip coming in second. I love the colors of the kitty which is probably why I am so biased to it.

  8. How cute as always missed you this week always get excited when I see your email in my box so I can see your new creations!

  9. You are amazing as usual.What a cute creation..i mean another cute creation..thanks for the tutorial :)
    Have fun!!

  10. love the butterfly with the white beads, and as always I'm thinking home decor, like curtain tie backs! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  11. You have score 3/3!!! 1 vote from Mei Mei for the blue cat, 1 vote from Jojo for the yellow butterfly, 1 vote from me I heart the blue dolphin!

  12. the necklaces are great, but I am excited to learn about this "melting" the hole trick! fabulous!! thanks for sharing!

  13. Ok - so I have just given away all our playdoh cutters - but I've a drawer full of cookie cutters I'm sure would do the job!

    Another brilliant idea Michelle!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  14. Oh these are just so sweet Michelle! Wouldn't they make great favours for a birthday party? I know I'd love one!

  15. How cute!!! I have to go and look where I can buy such sweet cutters. Right now.

  16. Holy crab, the idea to use them as doggie accessoires is brilliant! Is there no stopping your evil genius?

  17. Cute stuff!! And they double as bubble wands! Who is prepped for cookies AND bubbles? I'm there!

  18. What cuteness! Love that one with the wired leaves on a neck wire! I have a bunch of neck wires which so need some livening up!

  19. cuteness defined!!!! LOve iT LOve IT love iT!

  20. I can't stop laughing about the "annoyed grunt"! Cute play-do cutter necklaces too!