Monday, July 11, 2011

A Three Minute, No-Sew, No-Tools-Needed Flower Necklace.

Do you like this BIG, bold, fun flower necklace?

You could make it in three minutes.  And the only tools you'll need are a pair of scissors and one interesting jewelry finding!  Want to see how?  Here goes.

Question: have you got any of these handsome little studs lying around the house?

Oopsie!  Wrong picture!

I meant these little studs, the metal kind - also called decorative nailheads:

How about scissors and a scrap of felt?

Then you're ready to create your necklace.

First, cut a felt shape to look like a small bud vase

Then choose a 2-dimensional flower and one metal stud.

Poke the stud through the flower, then through the round part of the felt.  Like so:

Fold the 'neck' part of the bud vase down onto the points of the stud, then fold the points inward, using your fingernail or the back of a spoon.  They are tiny and hard to see, but they're there - and holding everything together quite nicely.

The neck of your felt bud vase has now become a built-in loop for adding a chain, cord or neck wire...

And voila!  A sweet, studded pendant.

The cool thing about the bud vase shape is the way it supports your 2-dimensional item, even if it's a bit floppy.

My flower was snipped from a plastic lace table runner:

But you could try a piece of real lace, too.  (If it's super thin or floppy, you might want to stiffen it with starch or Mod Podge.)

Or how about this?  You (or your kids) could paint your own flowers on denim.  Some craft paints and a black marker...

Made this:

Hope you give the stud and bud vase method a try!  It's really easy, and the finished necklace makes a statement.  (What is it saying?  I guess that would be, "I like big flowers.")

Well, I do.


P.S.  As a few of you may have inferred, I have come suddenly into possession of a dog.  Yay and wOo0oOt!  He's a 3-year-old rescue named Bailey.  Bailey is a Bagel Hound - half Beagle, half Basset Hound.

Bailey says "Hi."  And hopes you come back next time for more upcycled jewelry fun.


  1. I was wondering how you were going to incorporate Bailey into your necklace...maybe he would like one on his doggie collar? Fabulous as always and you sure did end up with a good deal on those lovely runners. They look so much better since you rescued them.

  2. Interesting & easiest version of a smart necklace!!
    I like the Bailey,, cute & seems friendly :)
    you know Bailey is a flower name in my language, its like jasmine flower :)
    oh yes the denim necklace is Cool, nice reuse !!!!!

  3. Aww what a cuuuuuuuute puppy smile that Bailey has! A happy dog is the most wonderfulest thing in the world.

  4. Oh, and the pendant is a fun idea! I need to find one of these table runners. So much fun to be had!

  5. wow fab flower tutorial (as always ) and even fabber (is that a real word ???) doggie , ts

  6. What? Look at him!!! What a sweet sweet pooch! I musn't show the boy or he'll be screaming for a bagel hound too. I don't think I could resist him either though, to tell the truth.

    Your statement stud and bud vase necklace is inspired! I could make these for my adult girly children. They'd love these methinks (and they're so quick)!

  7. Those necklaces are lovely! Bailey is super cute!! and no, I don't have any decorative nail heads lying around the house!! Do most people???

    I'll just have to cut up a pair of jeans to try these instead! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. wooww is amazing!!!
    Tus joyas estan siempre llenas de sorpresas increibles:-)
    Bailey is lovely:-)

  9. I love your creations...but can't really concentrate in the tutorial in this post.. Bailey is too attractive! He have such a cheerful smile!

  10. I am so proud to be a lucky owner of one of these now to get to go somewhere so I can where it!!! Thank you again I love my necklace!

  11. I Love the way it turn out very pretty. You are an artistic, like the paint denim. Bailey is like the name very cute.

  12. Those placemats have gone a long way, haven't they??? And Bailey is ADORABLE!!! My sister-in-law has a cat named Bailey, and she is almost as big as your Bailey (the cat, of course.) She seems huge, but very happy, indeed. She was named after the street they lived on. Of course, they moved, but didn't rename their cat.

    Love your new stud!

  13. Oh hell, Mich, I am SO happy for you and Bailey! He is the most gorgeous little heartbreaker ever, and I swear he is smiling. Nah, scrap that, he's got a cheesy grin from ear to ear!
    Congratulations, my love, you made my evening. You and Bailey, that is.

  14. Suddenly everybody is having pets and I feel so left out(...and jealous ;))anyway love the bagel he is so cute

  15. We have a Bailey at our house too - a nine year-old mutt. Love the necklace. It is just the thing for my kiddos to make this summer. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love the way your mind works and also Love Bailey. :) Hugs, Zissy and Woofs from Kiwi, Holland and Dot