Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed! Someone Guessed It And I'm Flabbergasted.

Hi again!  Last time, I posted these earrings, with a challenge to "Guess the Mystery Thing."

The Mystery Thing, in this case, being those strange little blue dealies.  Any idea?

Multiple people guessed 'game pieces.'  Nope!  Multiple people guessed 'chessmen.'  Nope!  (I did use chessmen in this previous upcycled jewelry tutorial, one of my favorites.) 

And then there were the crazies.  This week, some very funny people played the game.  Presenting...Mich's Honor Roll of Hilariously Wrong Guesses.

Anon: Barbie's toilet plunger.
Keely: Peg legs for pirate Smurfs.
Terri: Radio towers stolen from Whoville.
Apple: The sceptors of tiny royalty.
Creative Mind: Part of a breast pump.
Saraccino: Alien mini antennae that stick to your forehead like suction cups.
Lauren: Tiny Statue of Liberty torches.
Anon: A very blue tampon applicator.

Amazingly, none of those were correct.  Want to see the answer?


The Answer:

Applicator tips for my dog's flea control.

Bailey did not have fleas when I adopted him, and that was exactly how it was going to stay.  I bought a pack of this flea stuff, and when I saw the nifty blue tips I knew I must use them.  Isn't their silhouette just so adorably Jetsons?

They already have a hole through the center, so they work like any basic bead.  I strung them onto a headpin with some other cute stuff - turned a loop at the top - attached an earwire - done!

Winners winners winners.  Join me in a moment of awed silence for Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures - can you believe she actually guessed this???  Congrats, Betsy, you are a witch with supernatural powers.  (Please, use them only for good.)  And congrats to Evelene S, you are this week's random winner, chosen by random.org.  I'll email you both anon!

Oh - while I have you here!  There is a brand new rescue doggie featured on my world renowned Pupsicle of The Month page.  Look at this senior sweetheart!

Name: Angel.
Breed: Corrier.  (I think I made that up - it stands for corgi/terrier.)
Martini: Sour apple, with a twist of liver.

To meet Angel, click here!  And perhaps, if inclined, you could help spread the word with a leetle mention on Twitter, Facebook or just yelling out the window?  That would be awesome.

Thanks again for playing and visiting, everybody!  Come back next time, for something sweet and simple and upcycled.


  1. Yippee!! I have Buddy, my 13 year old Silky Terrier to thank for that guess. They sure do look like game pieces though.

  2. Flea treatment? You clever thing!
    Sidenote--It's so funny to hear about fleas anymore..they were so common when I was a kid (must have gotten bit twice a day!)...but now thanks to science, you hardly ever hear of them around the house at all. And now you are making jewelry from it. Genius.

    And that Angel is a cutie pie! I'm thinking Baily might want a courier companion. (BTW dogs with font names is a great idea!)

    Also--great display shot with the vase and Baily itching :) Did you get a new camera? Looks great!

  3. hahahahah! i love the mystery thing posts you do, i crack up the entire time!!! i wore my "scraper" earrings the other day... i will post about them soon... pretty funny stuff girl!

  4. Angel. Love. Wish I could have more than one dog at my place, I'd come and get Angel TODAY. (I even tried to get my boss (Los Feliz) to consider Angel. Alas. 3 collies are his limit. Love your blog!!!

  5. Es increible las cosas que te inventas, nunca se me hubiera ocurrido:-)
    El perrito esta precioso, yo no soy grande amante de los animales, pero tampoco me gusta verlos sufrir!!!

  6. You did it again! Always so excited to guess and to know the answer!

  7. hahha...I love all the funny answer...
    You the creative lady

  8. o_0 I know I shouldn't be surprised. But I am :) I thought chessmen and pirate legs, but that was about it- FLEA TREATMENT??? *thud* (that's me off my chair...)

  9. Wouldn't have guess Flea control, but then, I have cats, and mine are inside...so no flea collar needed. However, I'll have to start thinking "dog" whenever I think of your ideas now!!!

    Angel is cute, BTW, so wish her well in her new home, whereever that might be!!! Congratulations to the winners!!!!

  10. Congratulations Betsy!

  11. Mh... although my cats are inside, I had to use flea control once... or better al flea removal... but I didn't look anithing that nice like the one for your dog! Would never have guessed it! ^^

  12. hmmm..what to say more??
    by the way i have never seen this type tube before..its available here but the packing is different..well you are amazing in tackling us..hehehe

  13. I missed it again! But I wouldn't have missed your blog for the world. I love your sense of humor, and always get a chuckle out of reading every last word! Thanks for sticking with us.

  14. Someone actually got it? I AM IN TOTAL SHOCK AND AWE... Perhaps a dog tipped her off. Or maybe she's a vet or something...

    Well you're just fabulous to be recycling these into those perfect jewelry pieces. My hero!

  15. Too funny - they do a bit like little toilet plungers...

  16. That's really sweet. I love the idea of denim jewely!!

  17. I really thought it was going to be a game piece. Totally surprised.

    I love the entry of a peg leg for a pirate smurf. Too funny.

  18. Oh snap can I buy a pair of earrings from you?