Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pupsicle of the Month: It's A TigerBear!

Oh, yay...it's that time again...welcome one and all to April's Delicious Pupsicle of the Month!

Each month I take a tiny break from jewelry, to highlight a rescue dog who wants to come home with YOU and take you for walkies. As part of my Pupsicle Action Plan, I will contribute $75 towards the adoption fee of any of these cuties.


Oh.  My.  Gourd.  Have you ever seen such a cute tigerbear?  Wait, that's no tigerbear - that's a puppy!  Casper is 6 months old and the sweetest guy in all the land.  He's a Chow Chow/Shar Pei mix.  What does that make him, a Chow Pei Pei?  Sounds good to me!

Casper is housebroken (w00t!) and already knows sit, stay and down; he loves all dogs, kids and even cats.  For more info, visit the Fur Baby adoption page.   Or email me!  Or leave a comment!  Or all three at once!  Someone come get this darling tigerbeardog before he is snapped up!

Perhaps you aren't in the market to adopt, or live far away.  If you happen to be moved to Tweet or Facebook young Casper, that would be wonderful, too.  You never know - he might pass from keyboard to keyboard across the webs, and find his new family through one of you, my kind and generous readers.

Thanks so much!  Love, Mich


  1. What a cutie! He'll be snapped up in a minute methinks!

  2. ohh..nice..but i like his name the most..Casper..smart...

  3. Wish I lived closer!! I'd snap him up in a heartbeat...although I think my husband is glad we don't live closer because I would want to snap up all your pupsicles!! :-D

  4. I'm in love!

    Today is dog day at the senior home where hubs is doing a big reno for work. He was so looking forward to seeing what the Humane society brings down today!
    not sure they will have anything as cute as this guy!!

  5. I love your blog. I am from Spain.I dont speak inglish :)

  6. If I lived closer I would definitely snatch him up! He is so adorable! He even matches my dog (boxer lab mix), just with more extra skin. ^.^

  7. Is it just me, or does Casper look like Julio Iglesias? It's the eyes. And the housebroken part.

    What a sweetheart. I'll FB and tweet asap!

  8. Hope you find a home for him - he looks adorable!!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. what a cutie pie,he will not wait for long..i adore him name Casper

  10. Oh, Casper is such a sweet pea. Chow Pei Pei sounds good to me, and I'm sure he'll be enjoying his new family soon.

  11. OH! What a lovely idea!! A fantastic way to help out animals in need!!!!

    I may have to start doing this with my local animal shelter. Brilliant. Simply brilliant!