Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Explode-A-Bead Tutorial #2: Sea Creatures!

See?  Creatures!

Last time, I showed you how to make fancy beaded tassels from leftover Mardi Gras beads.  Let's turn some of those tassels into jellyfish, shall we?

This projects is so super simple, you will love making your own!

First, look around for a plastic object in a roughly domelike shape.  I collected several, all of which can be found in your recycling bin or the dollar store.

As before, you need to make a few short exploded bead segments:

Gather them with twisted wire and snip away the excess.  Add a big bead.

Now make a hole in your plastic dome.  I like to use a heated poker, but depending on the type of plastic, you could also use a drill, metal punch or hammer and nail.

String your dome onto the tassel, and make a wrapped loop to hold everything in place.


I made these jellies to amuse my friend Claire, a lovely German blogger/artist who likes tentacles.  No, she REALLY likes tentacles.  Peruse her site Saraccino to discover all kinds of gorgeous tentacular creations.

Hope you enjoyed these jellyfishy critters...I can't resist posting a few more angles...

Okay, people, gotta swim!  More Explode-A-Bead projects coming soon.


  1. TENTACLES!!! I love tentacles. I have to admit, though, that before I happened upon Saraccino (through you, if I remember correctly!), I didn't. She sure has a way of making them appealing, doesn't she?
    And so do you. Mich, I thought there was no way to top your last post, but of course you had to call me a liar, right?
    Jellyfish! It doesn't get any better, I don't think. Is that a lampwork bead with yellow tentacles? How dang lucky I just happened to buy a bag of lampwork beads that fit absolutely NO project I could think of!
    I love you and want to wrap all my tentacles around you. Seriously.

  2. Oooooh Michelle you just made Claire's tentacular dreams come true. (That's a good thing, I promise.) Those are so sweet. She'll be screaming from here to Hamburg when she sees these! So awesome!

  3. Hello!! I love too the tentacles....Move, you hug, dance very gently, make noises with their beads ... I like it... :)

  4. Oooooooooooooo even better!!!!! I love jelly fishes. I wonder if this would translate to a larger scale. Would love to hang a giant beaded jellyfish in my house!

  5. I am totally gobsmacked!
    and will be visiting my recycling bin again, thanks to you!!

  6. I love them! I love tentacles and I love jelly fishs! This ones are so cute!

    And I love that you are also seeing tentacles everywhere! :)

    Thanks so much! Can't wait! (No, I never ever was the most patient person ^^ not even a little bit)

  7. oh Mich, you are handful of talent, awesome jellyfish. they look amazing with dome and bead.

  8. these are totally cute..thanks for the detailed tutu..Hmmm..you are so clever Creative..no doubt...love the Plastic Based Beaded Jellyfishes..haha

  9. Oh Jellyfish!! BRILLIANT!! Love it! they would make such cool earrings!!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. I'm hearing a Jimmy Buffet song in my head. These are just great!

  11. Haha, I love this! They're so cute!

  12. SO cool!! We just came back from a beachy vacation and saw quite a few jellyfosh...my munchkin would adore a creature made like yours!! I'll have to give it a try. :-)