Thursday, March 31, 2011

Write your own jewelry!

Hi!  Last time out, I showed you how to design cute computer key pendants by making one hole in the center of the key.  Like this:

Today, a couple of other ways to play your keyboard.  (I'll be here all week.)  As before, depending on the style of key, you may need to remove a long post that sticks up in back.

I used a heavy duty wire cutter, but for a nicer appearance, try a hacksaw.   (The backs of my keys do look pretty gnarly.  But they feel smooth when worn and really, who's gonna know?)

Okay, first project: single initials!

With a heated poker or piece of wire, melt two holes on top and one on the bottom of each initial, like so:


In each hole, insert a headpin, bend it sideways and snip it off short.  Then turn little loops.

Now you have three loops on your initial...

And can create a super sweet custom initial necklace, simply by adding any charms, beads or dangles that take your fancy.

Next up: wordplay!

I used the same method of melting holes, and simply strung craft wire through each computer key, with little beads in between.

Make loops at the top...

Look what I wrote.

There is much fun to be had when you write your own jewelry.  F'r instance, here's one for a friend of mine, who toils valiantly before a computer, days, night, weekends.  Poor darlink, I know she sometimes feels there is...

Okay, my budding novelists.  Go pry some keys off your computer, write something meaningful and wear it proudly.  Pull no punches!  Tell people how you really feel!  Even (or especially!) when you are


  1. I love it! The "outtactrl" one is favorite!

  2. Not only the coolest upcycle but witty wordplay too!

  3. Take it your jury duty is not very enjoyable to judge from your downright geeky, lovely, adorable wordplay?
    I can't believe we actually just binneda a keyboard before you came out with these. I could cry. What a darn waste of, well, waste and golden opportunity! I LOVE the No escape thingy, it would go so well with my beautiful new, old, thrifted Sex Pistols bag. DAMMIT!

  4. mistress of geekery! oooooo!
    you honour me!

    good stuff you got going here today - funny funny :)

  5. Wow, what can I say? I'll never look at my keyboard the same again. Who needs keys on the keyboard anyway? Crazy clever as always.

  6. haaa.....I liked "no esc". It will be great(hilarious) to see somebody wearing a outta ctrl bracelet while typing furiously on the keyboard to finish up work :D

  7. How cool! I was wondering, when I saw your first post on these scrabble keys, how we could make words out of them!

    I'll have to send your link to my brother. HE IS THE COMPUTER GEEK, working at HP and all...I'm sure this will make him smile.


  8. ooooo..its just nice...The K button is looking more nice to know very well..why :)hmm
    after reading your smart post,m just..outa ctrl..hehe
    i will experiment this with my laptop thinner keypad buttons(whenever i crush it..haaaaha)

  9. The No Escape photo is now my wallpaper on my work computer. This jewelry is brilliant! Etsy Shop I say!

  10. Clever word ideas!! (oh and cute jewelry)

  11. Oooo - recycling a keyboard and making clever message jewellery! Amazing! Now I just need to find an old keyboard.....

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  12. LOVE the humorous word versions!

  13. can't believe I missed this! amazing Michelle! such a fabulous use of those little keys! you are outta ctrl clever!!!

  14. Hahaha!!! Your fun little keyboard charms make me laugh! :)

  15. Amber from CarrolltonApril 15, 2011 at 10:40 PM

    I am soooo glad you liked the computer keys! My whole intention in recovering them was to make jewelry. But your ideas are so much more than I ever came up with! I feel so inspired! Yay!

  16. Thanks for drop by my blog and your blog is awesome... really inspiring... your new follower .. PC

  17. Oh my Gosh! This is phenomenal!!
    I love the word play - the No Esc one - sooo dramatic!!