Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed: Green Apostrophes

Wow, I'm sorry it has been a while since my last post - one of those times when work life interferes with blog life.

So!  Want to know who guessed the Mystery Thing this week?  Well I'll tell ya!  It was...

Nobody, that's who!

This is a rare thing, my friends.  Normally, when I challenge you all to guess my Mystery Thing, a whole bunch of you manage to figure it out and amaze me.  Not this time!  To refresh, here were the mystery jewels:

And here's the answer:

From the dollar store!  They are for clipping plants to stakes, trellises or other supports.  They make a figure eight, but I liked the swoopy curves and never did make anything figure-eight-shaped with them.

Here are some other creations.  Two glasses-hanger necklaces:

And a Mod kinda weird kinda arty pendant thingy:

Winners this week: as always, it was nearly impossible to choose.  You people are high-larious!  This time, I was reading over the guesses with my youngest brother, and noted the ones that made him laugh hardest.  Anything that can make my stressed little bro happy is a winner.

Two winners for for Most Creative Incorrect Guess.  Sunny from Life in Rehab, who was certain they were hemorrhoid cream applicators.  And Creative Mind, who said:  I think you crush a toy of any little kid & make these beautiful pieces.

Two winners for Randomly Chosen Incorrect Guess:  Denise and Kathryn!  Yay and congrats to all, I will email you guys shortly.

Thanks for playing, people!  Love you much.

Oh, wait, one last thing...I just wanted to say...

Nyah nyah nyah-nyah nyah!

I got you, I got you!  *sound of insane cackling*  I finally got you!

So fun!  We'll do this again soon.


  1. good for you! It's about time you pulled up your socks and stumped us all!

    Tho in my defense I have to say our dollar stores carry different stock up here in Canada or I would have been on that guess like a nylon on my Aunt Gertrude's unshaven legs!

  2. It is pretty cool when you can get us all on your mystery item! Yet, I think we gave you some pretty good guesses and it was pretty fun to read them all!!!!

    LOVE the animal pictures!!!!! Made me smile. We did ask for a hard mystery thing, and YOU CAME THROUGH!!! do it again, do it again! That was fun!

  3. W00t! Free stuff! And I kinda want some of those plant the Dollar Tree!

  4. We just let you win, we felt that you were sort of cracking up...
    Congrats, Sunny and Creative Mind! Sport your pieces proudly! x

  5. wowww quien podria haberlo imaginado!!!!!:-)

  6. How cool ^^ I would never have guessed that! (Not that I have ever seen them before in my life!)

    Mh... but I am missing the part where you say what you get from us if nobody get it right ^^ This was such a one time chance! ;)

  7. Well you completely foxed me but then I am a thicko. Brill use of the plastic ties. Annette

  8. You just want us to believe they're plant thingy-ma-whatsis. I KNOW they're alien parts.

    Seriously, you are a mad scientist genius. Congrats on stumping us all. Mwaaahhhhhh.

  9. more mich mystery madness pretty please with
    a green plastic cootie leg thingyhingymajigger whatchamacallit doodad on top! ;)

  10. Where do you come up with these!? I love it. Especially the Mod kinda weird kinda arty pendant thingy.:)

  11. Hey congrats on beating everyone! I've never even heard of plant rings! I think you found a MUCH better use for them! :)

  12. I am hearing about this mystery thing for the first time in my life (plant ring?????)...neway its great to come across stuff that could be used in an interesting manner

  13. I'm so happy you fooled us all. Yes! Those little thingies are really cute and they might even come in handy with my plants.

  14. I swear its 100% new for me..i don't know about this before,well a new thing about plants..You really make others foooooooooool,but those who were new to this (like divya & me)they are notttttt foool..aahaa...hmmm

  15. always have good ideas! They are as always very original and beautiful ...
    The animals are so funny ... I laughed at them ...

  16. TY for your comment on ly flower arrangings :)

    This looks like a lot of fun, I wanna try next time lol

  17. Well I guess you deserve to win once in a while, it is your contest after all.

    The animal pics made me smile.

  18. I have never seen those before; I wouldn't have recognized them even from the picture where they're intact! But I could use some of these (for their original purpose), so I might have to take a trip to the Dollar Store.

  19. How fun! The consensus seems they let you win. I am glad I stopped by today. By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look.

  20. I have been swept up with life for awhile, and finally got to come into the net and visit my fav blogs. I was so worried I missed this post...I have been going batty trying to figure out what those green swoops were! I never would have guessed!

  21. huh! I really enjoyed reading this post made me laugh as well ,congrats sunny and creative mind, i bet you are the most creative.

  22. I should of sent you a pic..bc we have the EXACT same things at work...we use them to tie our priority sacks together...we call them FROG LEGS

    bummer you didnt understand what i was talking about..

  23. I have never come across anyone who uses such unusual items for jewellery-making - bravo!! I love the helpful hints, advice and how-tos, thanks for sharing!
    I found your blog via Nancy at Paper Friendly - so glad I did!! =)