Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pupsicle of the Month: Meet the Chugs!

Note to self: it's 2011.

Hi, you guys!  Happy happy new year!  And welcome to January's Delicious Pupsicle of the Month!  Each month I take a tiny break from jewelry, to highlight a rescue dog who wants to come home with YOU and take you for walkies. As part of my Pupsicle Action Plan, I will contribute $75 towards the adoption fee of any of these cuties, and will deliver them right to your doorstep if you live anywhere in California, Nevada or Arizona.  (I love dogs and road trips, so this is a win-win.)

This month, a delectable twofer.  These are not for adopting together.  Rather, they are individual lady Chugs, each of whom wants to be Queen.  Not sure what I mean by Chug?  Oh, well, you are in for a treat!

Meet Nutmeg and Pickles.

Pug-hua-hua? Chi-pug-pug? Whatever you call them, Nutmeg and Pickles are two of the cutest Pug-Chihuahuas you could ever wish for.

Spicy Nutmeg is the teeny one.  Look at this squinchy little face:

She is extra small in size, extra big on personality.  You will never be bored, ever, with Nutmeg around, because she is a comedienne and determined to keep you on your toes.  Incredibly affectionate, happy and full of zippity-doo-dah, Nutmeg loves small dogs, kitty cats and children.

Sweet Pickles is a little bigger, and full of sugar.

She was relinquished by an owner who could no longer care for her. She is demanding of your love, and once you meet her, you'll want to spoil her rotten! Pickles is about 5 years old, and loves to focus in, cuddle and stare adoringly into your eyes.

Both these little girls have a pug's incredibly loving persona, but mixed with just the right amount of chihuahua spice. So they are more resilient than a typical pug, which is a very good thing; instead of pining away because they have lost their people, Pickles and Nutmeg are full of fun and enthusiasm, all prepped and ready to find new, wonderful owners to worship for the rest of their happy lives.

Come meet the Chugs - you will love this great mash-up of two wonderful breeds!

Do you know someone who might want to adopt?  Get them over here!  Or send them to the Fur Baby website for more pics and info.  Pretty please?  With sugar and spice on top.


  1. OMG these babies with fur are too adorable for words. And what names?!?! I can't believe they aren't already snapped up already :(

    Will post to Fb friends in the area. I hope they find a forever home ASAP!

  2. Too cute! or is that Two Cute! Ahhhh, the wisdom of dogs... if you can't have the one you love, love the one you're with... an old song.
    I'm so sorry I can't take them.

  3. They are really cute! I hope somebody will take them!

  4. They are so adorable and you are such a gem to be giving them so much love until they find a good permanent home. My little "Buddy" our 13 year old Silky Terrior thanks you too;-) He's sitting here right now all anxious to go for a walk. Sorry Bud, it's too wet.
    Happy New Year to you!!

  5. that's a new mish mash for me - cuties to boot!

  6. they are so adorable,huh!Special Happy New year to you....

  7. You can tell how sassy they are just from the photos!