Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mystery Thing Revealed, and I Am So Mad!

I can't believe it.  This is just getting freaky.  I was absolutely certain I had you people this time.  Oh, well.  Go ahead:

Point and laugh.

Yes, it's crazy but true.  Some of you brilliant readers actually guessed this Mystery Thing:

And I have no idea how you did it!  When the rest of you see the answer, you will be as puzzled as I.

Ready?  Set?

Here is the Pink and Swirly Mystery Thing, revealed:

The rubber handle grip from a dollar store hairbrush.  Now, how on earth did those gals guess right?

The winner for first correct guess: Annabel52!  There were so many awesome and hilarious guesses vying for most creative, too many to list here.  If you want some good laughs, go read all the comments.  In the end, I made my mom pick from my 15 favorites.  Winner for most creative: Kerry, who guessed plasticized Pepto Bismol.  Hee hee!  I am totally trying that!  Congrats, Annabel and Kerry, expect an email shortly.

Here's a mini tutorial; it was super simple.  I discovered you can peel away the rubber grip with a little effort - just use a fingernail to get it started, then puuuuuull hard and patiently until it gives way, bit by bit.

It ended up as a hollow tube-like piece shaped like a swirly pink slug.  (Hmmm...slugs...a future Mystery Thing?)

Then I just snipped out a couple of shapes, trying to take advantage of the swoopy ends.  I poked a few holes with a sharp poky thing, and used jump rings to add the extra goodies.  Here's a close up:

I still can't believe you got this.  Grrrrr!  I'll get you next time, my pretties!


  1. It's your own fault. Because now, we all go around looking at every oddball non-craft supply thing through the eyes of "could this be a mystery thing"? Mwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  2. Chocolate is right, you know. But how clever. NOW, we will go through the store, pulling at things to see if they come apart too, just to see if they do!

    You'll have to make them harder.....but still pretty amazing and cool looking, like always. Love your stuff!!!!!

  3. Your so funny - you've taught a whole passel of us to look at things differently.

  4. There is no way I would have ever guessed what it actually was - but I still think it looks like Pepto Bismal! lol Happy you liked my answer!

  5. Jajaja is so hilarious:-D, you can know this just if you have a hairbrush like this!!!
    is amazing!!!you can do jewels with ANYthing!!!

  6. are really amazing..i was sure that it is the grip of anything but i dont know what....well...i am ready for your next mystery(ready for not solving right)hehe
    you are so different Mich...

  7. Well done, Annabel! I was totally lost, and to be honest, if all Mich's readers were as {???} as me, she'd never get to give away anything!
    And Mich, aren't you clever! You should maybe get up a challenge category where we challenge you to make jewels out of items of our choice. There MUST be a limit to your capabilities somewhere...?!

  8. I'm going to explain how some guessed your mystery item. We all hang around the Dollar Store! It's inevitable that some saw.. or even bought the same hairbrush. Cute fun idea!

  9. It's been fun exposing this mystery ... haha. and the result is very nice necklace

  10. Slugs next? I wouldn't want to win, but I'll play.

  11. A rubber hairbrush handle? What?!!! Oh you are a wily and sneaky one... Am I going to have to start hanging out at the dollar store to win one of your precious pieces? Okay, then. I get it. IT IS ON!!!!!

  12. I can't believe someone figured this out!