Saturday, January 29, 2011

A is for...

Back again!  Today I have a super fun tutorial for you guys.  It's a design for turning an alligator clip into a beauteous, embellished badge holder.

Isn't it neato?  This little project came to me like a bolt from the blue, and I love it lots!   

I started with this alligator clip, which has a hole in the middle of the cylinder-shaped body:

I gathered a headpin, some beads, a pretty filigree piece, and a teeny rubber washer or cushioning thingy.

For the cushioning thingy, you could use an O-ring, a piece of craft foam or anything squishy, cut to size.   It's somewhat optional, but it help get the beads secured nice and tight.

Here are the steps:  1.  Put all the beads and the cushioning thingy on the headpin.  2. Thread the headpin up through the hole in the alligator.  3.  Add a final bead, one that will fit tight into the top of the alligator.

4. Make a wrapped loop.  (Wrapped loop step-by-step here.)

There is a bit of a trick here.  You need to be sure everything stays tight, tight, tight while you wrap.  Otherwise the embellishments on the front will end up wobbly.

That's it!  String a cord or chain, clip on your badge, and you're good to go.


Design options are endless.

In the shot above, notice the blue/green one does not have a filigree piece.  Just a pretty bead.  I think it looks nice that way, too!

But wait, there's more!  Check this OUT, people.  Clip on a pop top, a simple key ring or anything circular, like so:

What do you get???  I'll tell you what you get!

A glasses holder.

And the crowd goes wild.

Later, crocogators.


  1. Neato Torpedo!!! Yes indeed, your creative mind is working overtime again. Where were these when I used to sport a badge everyday?

  2. I even like it just as a pendant-with-potential. you know? because you NEVER know when you'll need a "third" hand to hold something at a moment's notice. like a recipe card or your shopping list or a hanky or... well, the possibilities are endless! it's just brilliant Michelle, and so pretty to boot!

  3. Love the eyeglass option - you really are great at these kind of ideas.

  4. Hi Michelle, Great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday with another great project! Happy creating.

  5. Oh man... I wish I needed a badge holder!!

  6. Much prettier than what badge holders usually look like! I like them and your tutorials make it seem so easy to make! Thanks, great crafter!

  7. These are so fun! I don't need a badge/glasses holder but now I want to make these anyway!

  8. waoooo...totally nice idea...well thanx 4 d it

  9. imagination is amazing Michelle!
    This is great..."two for the price of one" so to speak!

    I'm so happy I came across your blog...always so interesting and "fun"!
    Enjoy the rest of your day...

  10. he!!! Nice idea!! Happy imagination!!

  11. What a pretty and practical idea! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  12. Hey, even I can do that! I wonder if Vannah would like a new lanyard for her school ID...

  13. That looks great! Thanks so much for linking it up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

  14. Genius! What a fabulous idea :)

  15. Love it! Hubby has lost three pairs of reading glasses in the last month--- I will have to design a clip just for him!

  16. This is a great idea - love the tutorial too... hugs, antonella :-)