Friday, January 21, 2011

I promised not to tell anyone that my friend Vivian wears curlers.

Hi, again, everybody!  Wouldja look at these earrings?

My dear sweet friend - let's call her X - wears old fashioned curlers to bed.  I know this because we were roommates during a recent Vegas weekend getaway.  And these adorable thingies fell out of her make-up bag:

Ooh!  I fell instantly in love!   I asked if I could have some!  I asked with several exclamation points!  She thought I was weird!  However, being a dear, sweet friend, she did say okay - but only if I promised never to reveal her curler-wearing shame.  I would have said anything to get my hands on those curler pins, so I promised.

The tutorial goes like this...

1. Poke a hole in each curler pin.  2. Bend the pin around a pencil to give it as much or as little curve as you like.  3.  Put a bead on a headpin and string them onto the pin.

4.  Bend the headpin down against the back and trim.  5.  Make a teeny loop to secure the bead.

Now just add an earring finding.  On this pair, I simply strung them onto the curler pins, cinching tight until they got stuck:

You can also add a coil end finding, pinching it down with pliers.

And there ya go!  Genuwine Olde Fashioned Curler Pin earrings.

So much fun to make, and I am happy with their curly, oddball charm.  The beads are turquoise and denim lapis.  I like how they go with the creamy, vintage-looking plastic.  What do you guys think?

Thank you for the pins, my dear, sweet X!  Aren't you proud of me?  I totally didn't say a word.


  1. :-) this is amazing!!!! they are absolutely beautiful!!!
    eres un genio:-)

  2. When the curlyburly's done, when the earring's lost and won. Fair is fould and curly her hair, hover through the fog and the filthy air.
    I think you owe X at least one pair of those beauties!
    (and me the other for quoting Shakespeare, don'tcha think?)

  3. Ha! I'm guessing you owe Vivian a pair of earrings :)
    These are awesome! And seriously, curlers, who knew?!

  4. What a smart idea...Mich you really did ~ awesome...what i can say more...
    Ohh...thanks for your i will not grow up more now!!!hahaha..

  5. OK Vivian's secret, that you didn't tell, is safe with me. You should come link these up at my place...Open House.

  6. I discovered your blog through craft gossip and just want you to know how much I enjoyed going through your older posts. It was so much fun to read and very entertaining and looking forward to what you come up with next!

  7. These are fun! They kind of look like alien eyes to me...

  8. You are a scary, scary woman. Those are just weirdly wonderful. One day, we need to make stuff together over a case of wine.

  9. Fun! The earrings remind me of elephant tusks.

  10. The beads do add a touch of elegance and I love how you made use of the plastic curves in the design! Maybe your friend needs a package of new curlers?

  11. I'm glad this wasn't the mystery post. I would have never guessed that those are curling pins since I've never seen that kind before.

    Cute, creative earrings as always.

  12. Ooo!! My grandma uses those too and her pins are pink! I'll have to rob her stash next time I see her.

  13. The little beads are so precious and add just the right pop of color. I'm still trying to figure out how these curling pins work. Oh well, they work for earrings and that's all that matters.
    Do you remember spoolies? Those were like sleeping with rocks on your head. I think my mom made me do it.

  14. LOVE your upcycled stuff - these earrings included... but what REALLY got me is your copyright limerick. :)

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog via OWOH. I am fascinated but the way you take the ordinary and make it so extraordinary!