Monday, January 10, 2011

Guess the Mystery Thing: Cool Multi-Wrap Bangle

Hi, my lovely people!  It's time once again for that very popular challenge game, Guess the Mystery Thing and Win Because it's Pretty and You Want It But Also Because Mich is Always Trying to Stump You and She Even Did It Once But Once is Too Many and She Needs to be Taken Down a Peg so if You Manage to Guess This Particular Mystery Thing You Will be Officially Authorized to Point and Laugh.

Guess the Mystery Thing for short.

Here is a nifty bangle bracelet, with big crystals.  (Ooh....ahh...)

Here's another one, with blueberry quartz butterflies.  (Ahh...ooh...)

What's the basis of the bangle, that black material in between the beads?

Hint: if you live in the U.S. or Canada, you most likely have some of this.  If you live in Italy, Spain or Mexico, you most likely don't.  (I don't know about anywhere else because those are the only places I've been!)  How's that for a vague and sinister clue?

There will be two winners: first correct guess and most creative guess, to be chosen by moi.

If nobody gets it, there will be a random winner chosen by my Patented High-Tech Cutting-Edge Randomizer Program (my mom picks a number).

The prizes:  your choice of one of these bangles, or a $20 gift certificate toward any item in ye olde Etsy shoppe.

The rules:

1. Open to anyone, anywhere.  (You don't even have to be a follower of the blog, although I would lurve it if you were!)
2. If your email isn't available to me in one click from an online profile, be sure to include your email address with your guess.

One last peeky, here's a close up:

Okay, y'all -

Guess the Mystery Thing!!!



  1. I think it looks like dry pasta painted black or black licorice.

  2. I think it is black electric cord - don't know a technical name... the cord on appliances. If it is, you are a genius! What a way to recycle!

  3. I think it's been guessed. But I would like to say that I find your blog to be a hoot and I really enjoy it.

  4. This conversation just occurred between my boyfriend and me:

    Me: "What is this?"
    Boyfriend: "...Bracelet made of noodles?"
    Me: "It's not a noodle."
    Boyfriend: "It looks like a noodle!"
    Me: "It's a bracelet. It has to be bendy."
    Boyfriend: "I think it's a noodle. Keep track of it. If it's a noodle, you owe me [REDACTED]."

    So my boyfriend's guess is noodle. It looks like part of a windshield wiper or some sort of lining against a window or something to me. But definitely not noodles.

  5. It is the things from a clipboard that help "grip" the papers?

  6. It looks like the cord that holds a screen in a window!

  7. It seems so very familiar but I can't quite place it.
    My hubby says black licorice or shower curtain rings
    It kind of reminds me of a vacuum belt or some automotive hose.

  8. I think it is some sort of dried pasta. I don't know the name of the shape bu that is what I think it is.

    I'm sure most people in Italy, Spain and Mexico probably make their pasta fresh whereas most people in North America wouldn't know how to make pasta from flour. Heck, I'm one of them who doesn't know.... :)

  9. The first thing that popped into my head was that it was a coffee stirrer. Upon further observation I don't think this is correct, but it's definitely.... creative! Whatever it is, the bracelets are fab.

  10. I have no clue. It looks like licorice to me!!

    These are gorgeous bracelets.

  11. Is it black Play-Doh that's been through one of those presses that makes it a funny shape? :-D

  12. Is it some kind of electrical or cable wire? Or TV wire? Or speaker wire? If so it would be very cool because the wire would be inside and you could cut the casing of the wire and still put the wire through the beads. Is that it? Did I win? ha ha Linda

  13. I LOVE IT!!! sooo creative!
    hmmmmm i cant figure it out!!!

    i want one!

    Looks like a Phone cord....i hope its right !!!

  14. i want to say licorice... possibly cuz im hungry right now

    mmmm... licoriceee *drooooll*

  15. A leprechaun's cut up tire! Very cute...

  16. It looks like screen window spline to me.

  17. My first thought was: it's like liquorice stick, then I thought a kind off electric cable:-)
    the bracelets are so beautiful!!!!:-D

  18. I am always poor in guessing your mysteries but..i feel that it is the wire of any hard stuff i saw the very similar cable of our land-line i guess it is any wire...hmmm..

    I am very happy to see your etsy shop..wish you good luck friend...

  19. You don't have the thingy in England, because I don't have the faintest clue. Liquorice woud be my guess, too, especially knowing YOU! But we have the stuff over here...? Hmmm...

  20. These are too cute! My guess is licorice, either the black or chocolate licorice. Either way, you are so creative! Love it!

  21. Those are beautiful. I love the leprecaun's cut up tire comment!!!! I hope she wins.

    I think it is a seal for a window, something to keep the weather out. We need that here in the US and canada, but no necessarily in the other countries you mentioned. could be wrong, of course! I don't think you would make a bracelet to eat, but I could be wrong there too....that would be pretty cool...

  22. I think it's that stuff you jam in the grove to hold the screening material in place for a door or window. I'm not sure how to make that sound more technical but, I really think I might be right this time! :)

  23. I'm quite sure it's already been guessed, as I don't believe they have screen doors outside of north america - but nifty idea!

    When are you going to have a linky party so we can share our nifty ideas with you Michelle??

  24. My guess is some kind of electrical cording. Whatever it is it's cute!

  25. Looks like black licorice!

  26. Looks like an extension cord to me!

  27. I believe it is licorice. Pretty edible yummy delectable black (my favourite flavour by far) bangles anyone? Oh yes, please!

  28. Those look like chocolate Twizzlers to me!

  29. I had a few thoughts. It is VERY familiar, but I can't quite place it.

    It looks like:
    - black licorice
    - rubber to hold screens in place
    - wind shield wipers
    - some sort of hose from a car
    - the covering of an electrical cord
    - a rubber seal from around some plumbing fixture
    - weather stripping
    - a jewelery item and you are trying to trick us!

  30. Mh... living in germany makes it a little bit difficult to know this thing ^^ But I think it is kind of strange that plastic and licorice are looking so similar... ever thought about that?

    But I (want to) think it is plastic because although it is on one hand cool to have eatable jewelery, it would also be sad to lose this bracelet.

    Okay.. plastic... very thick, structured, little bit bend, black... and only to be found in the us or canada... mh.. even not known to it due to the structured surface I would also think it may a kind of weather/water seal...

  31. Okay, my son says it's licorice or black Twizzlers. That's a second guess so it might not count. When will we find out. Gosh, this is fun. :)

  32. My first thought was licorice, but then again, why would you make something so beautiful and then it would probably just get all buggy when the licorice was past its prime. Then my second though was a long uncut strip of those plastic thingies we use to keep earrings in place, but those are usually white or clear. My screen door stuff that looks like that is gray, so I'll go with the uncut earring thingies and think that you just buy in bulk.

  33. Wow Licorice?!? You made edible jewelry... how awesome!

  34. I hardly know.....hmmmm.....a dog leash? TV antenna cable? This is going to drive me nuts. Hurry and tell us!!!

  35. I'd have say weather stripping??

  36. It's definitely window screen spline... It's too large for screen doors, but windows use the thicker ridged kind!

  37. Also, it comes in different colors, like white. Squee!

  38. Thanks, everybody! This guessing game is now closed. So fun! See next post to find out the answer...


  39. Very cute stuff. You are so talented and patient!